today it is warm!
i know some of you are still dealing with way hotter temps...but the 80's were a bit of a surprise for us today. a front is heading our way so the weekend brings promises of 50's again.

both girls had a field trip today after lunch.
i remember how fun field trip days were as a kid.
as a teacher...not always.:)
it's so scary taking all those little guys off campus.
the constant counting and recounting to make sure you have everyone...yikes.

daddy comes home tonight and we are thrilled.
he is bringing me some ikea curtains from the big city.
hopefully they will look amazing hanging in the living room/dining room.

janey spotted this fairy house...tara be sure to show the girls:)

janey and aubrey spent some time making up a dance at our lunchtime picnic today.

i love when the big girls are patient and kind with aubrey.
and let's be honest...it's not always easy with an independent strong willed three year old.
but when they take the time to really teach her something and slow down and just "be" with her, my heart just melts.
and the look she has on her face when her sisters are in the room...
...is pretty melt worthy too.

we are making plans for our looooong weekend.
and i can't wait.
we just might have something pretty exciting up our sleeves.
what are you all up to?

...happiest moment of the day so far...
hearing dave say "i'm back in town...be home at 4."
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. the warm sun on our faces
2. school photos are all put away and mailed off to family
3. luna bars
4. a good three days solo with the girls
5. my girls are happy


  1. yay for husband coming home! It's always better when the entire family is home together. Love the pictures of the girls dancing. We finally have 80 degree weather today and I have been so happy all day. Just hoping the 90 and 100 degree weather is gone for good for now. Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love fall and all of the wonderful colors that come with it. Our weather is finally starting to fell like fall. We went from 100 on Monday to 84 today. Crazy fall this year!

  3. Love love love your fall photos Cindy! Looks like a fun day! We have had warmer days here as well. Back to 50's this weekend too! And just what are you up to this weekend? : ) Hope its fun! And I was not the biggest fan of field trips, either...those bus rides ugh... Night, friend... : )

  4. Yes...always good when dad is home. We have yard work ahead for our weekend. Uughh. Enjoy your fun!

  5. Aww... come on... tell us!!! What's up your sleeve? Dying to know your plans! My heart skipped a beat when i saw that fairy house (before I even read your comment under it). Those girls of mine have me trained I guess! Be sure I'll be showing Anna that picture tomorrow.. she'll think it's the coolest thing. So happy you'll be all back together for the weekend! Enjoy your new curtains, bet they'll look great! Happy night, tara

  6. Just got caught up on your posts Cindy....I love coming over here to your blog...it's so happy! And, your pictures are just beautiful. Aubrey is gettng so big...when I first started reading your blog she was just a baby!
    Glad Dave is home....hope you guys have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so glad Dave is back in town, and I agree, that is a happy moment for sure! The colors on the tree in that first photo are amazing. I think we see colors like that in about another month here, but it's not widespread. I can't wait!

    We have a cold front coming in today, and tomorrow we are not supposed to be out of the 50s, which will be nice, but so hard to imagine.

    I'm so curious about your exciting weekend plans. I want to hear all about it next week. Enjoy, whatever it is you are up to. :)

  8. Hi Cindy!! Wow these are gorgeous pictures, that tree is so beautiful!! I love how your big girls play with Aubrey too, so sweet. She will remember that :)
    So glad your husband is home, it is always nice to have the family complete isn't it!? I hope you have an awesome week, enjoy that sunshine :)