{Insta Friday Week 21-23}

::a quick peek at our week(s)::
so glad we have an interesting bathroom sink to contain her in




janey was star student two weeks ago.
she wanted to make something special and unique to bring in.
she choose chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles.

this cracked me up, aubrey decided her friends needed her fruit salad more then she did.
this little one never wants to let you go at night


 the new plates and bowls at target.
sale prices should be coming soon so i'll wait.

::tightly holding::

riley was so funny on the dock at the park.
she was petrified aubrey was going to fall in and was holding on tighter then a new mom!:)



aubrey has been doing awesome going into her bed every day for "rest time".
we bring up a special toy each day and talk about ideas for things she can play.
saturday i heard her calling me and when i finally got up there this is what i found...
she slept for over an hour that day.


the girls had a sister sleepover saurday.
they snuggled in bed and read to each other for quite awhile.


the day was so beautiful for our schools walk-a-thon and aubrey actually stayed in her stroller.
the breeze was so heavenly...i thought she might fall asleep.:)

it's not the mountains that's for sure.
but if you look hard enough the prairie has some beauty too.

went shopping in chicago with a friend on sunday.
the beauty in that city is craaazy.


what a wonderful place for breakfast.



and cleaning...and coaxing...and laundering...:)
hope your week was a beautiful one.
have a happy day,


  1. So enjoy catching a peek at your days,Cindy...so sweet and cozy and loving...all your photos are wonderful! And is that Zingo I see there? One of our very favorites! Hope you and the family have a wonderful fall weekend! Oh and is that the secret for successful teeth brushing for a 3 year old? That's one we haven't tried! I'm on it. :)

  2. Wow....so much going on. Love your pics. We love Zingo over here...still.

  3. Great pictures. The swinging one is my favorite. I want to visit Chicago so much. It looks like the neatest place. Your posts always make me smile. I know you didn't do it on this post, and I've slacked, but I am glad you have been doing the happiest moment and your thankful list. I need to get back on that. Your blog inspires me to be happy!