{Pumpkins, Orchards and Scarecrows}

i love a day that starts with every little one sleeping in till after 8:30. it may have been the darkness that is settling into our mornings...the chilly temps outside or their flannel sheets but i loved my quiet morning house. i made myself an egg white omelet with toast, listened to pandora (james morrison station) and had blueberry muffins baking in the oven. it was lovely.

-----------------------------painting pumpkins-----------------------------

i have been wanting to paint pumpkins since i saw meg do it last year.
this was such a fun project and the girls really got into it.
i wish there was an extra one for me.
next year we are buying five for sure!

my sweet janey...thinking and planning...

aubrey really loved this project.
she was slapping paint all over the place.
i think we may have another budding artist on our hands.

one of the things i really love about doing an art project together is all the chit chat that happens along the way. sometimes it involves frustration over not being able to get it just right...but most of the time it is peaceful and sweet. i really love art.

janey wanted me to take this shot...she said "it's the details that are important!:) "
so true baby.

------------------------------the orchard--------------------------------
we got dressed for the day and headed to the orchard a few towns over.
we used to go to this place a lot when riley and janey were little.

today was aubrey's first time.
she had a blast.
if only the weather had been on our side....it was chilly!!!!

we are still working on the smile AND look.:)

they had this little train that runs around the restaurant.
for a quarter it will circle around three times.
we spent a lot of quarters there.

these things crack me up.
and kids loooooove them!:)

sweetest little honey bees i've ever seen.
these guys were a bit over zealous and hungry.
we opted not to feed them and save our quarters for the train instead.
they still looked sweet though.

and there they are...little again.:)
after rest time we tried another project from one of our favorite sites.
janey was having a bit of a creative block so she decided to do hers later.
aubrey and i drew hers together but she really enjoyed the painting part and did an amazing job.

she loved it so much she decided to paint a picture for poppy too.

well our day off was a packed one that's for sure.
i think i went a little nutty trying to cram things in.:)
but the girls and i had a wonderful day together and for that i am very thankful.
i miss those little sweeties when they are gone and aubrey does too.
it was a good day for sure.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
singing the pumpkin man in the car on the way to the orchard
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. today
2. creativity
3. daughters
4. a date in the evening with janey
5. dave's amazingly warm and yummy homemade chicken soup...recipe coming soon...


  1. Perfect, perfect day, Cindy...just makes me smile! Love the pumpkins...they did an awesome job! And that Riley is my Madison in the making! That scarf tied so perfectly...and the peace signs! Madison's favorite! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! we are watching that nasty weather here ...

  2. What a fun day. I love those kind of mornings when you are the only on up. They do not happen very often but are a gift when they do.

    My girls painted pumpkins last weekend and had so much fun.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE the idea of painting pumpkins! too cute!!!

  4. What a PERFECT day! It's amazing that when a moring starts off as good as yours how wonderful the day can be. (such motivation for me to wake up and have that peaceful time long before the girls wake up... makes such a difference) Love the art projects you did with the girls.... happy memories made!

    Looking forward to Dave's soup recipe... we can't LIVE without our 'daves pizza' on the weekend. That dough is a labor of love but soooooo worth it. Better than any pizza place in town!

    Have a fun Sunday, tara

  5. So sweet and the painted pumpkins are the cutest. I love all 3 of them, and how they are so different. I want to do this next year now. :) That photo of Aubrey looking up at the train is so precious, and the 3 girls in the BIG chair is great, and I loved your caption....little again.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  6. Such great pictures Cindy! The picture from behind of your girls holding hands...Aubrey looks so tall! She is really growing up before our eyes.
    We like to paint pumpkins too...I like it better than carving...but a certain someone always insists on carving one too.
    Have a great weekend!