another beautiful "warm" fall day here.
the sun was shining and the wind was bloooooowing.
i mean crazy wind.
almost blow you over wind and
drive you a little batty wind.

we picked up janey for lunch and headed to try out our new picnic spot.
she had p.e. right before lunch and was " soooooo hot" so we spent most of our time in the cool car.
but we did pop out a bit to admire the view.

every time we picked a place to sit for a quick pic aubrey kept saying "no...just a little bit closer".
after the shot she said "lets put our feet in the water".
janey quickly said "no...see that sign over there...it says no putting your feet in the water".
it didn't...but i think she's got this mothering thing down already!:)

after dropping janey back at school we headed out for a few quick errands.
i made the mistake of explaining to aubrey that if you have to use the bathroom in the car and it's an emergency you can tell mommy and i can find you a place.

5 minutes later...you guessed it..."mom......!!!"
i found a spot.
hauled her in.
lined the seat with t.p. (for the record i hate that!)
propped her up.
and waited.
"i don't think i really have to go mom!"
i knew it!
lesson learned.

tomorrow the girls are off from school.
we are all craving a sleep in day together.
we are thinking apple orchard.
we may need our heavy coats though...brrr!
crazy fall weather.
we love it.:)

...happiest moment of the day...
aubrey calling janey "sweet love"
have happy day,

{thankful for}
1. kind teachers
2. easy dinner plans
3. three day weekend
4. beautiful pink morning skies
5. ice packs


  1. The whole public restroom using while potty training is horrible. I think it's so neat you are able to pick your daughter up and take her out to lunch on somedays. I wish we could sleep in tomorrow, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Love Janey's "no putting your feet in the water" sign!! She is a natural, Cindy! I remember telling Madison when she was little that McDonalds was closed because they had to clean the French fry machines...yep! They cleaned those machines alot back then! Happy weekend friend....bundle up! The nasty weather is coming...

  3. Hi Cindy! I hope you're enjoying your no school day today! Love those!

    Have to tell you that after I read one of your posts on Riely's bedtime creaping a bit later and how you got her back on track; we did the same for Anna. She's 'in bed' at the same time every night but was staying up too late reading. My fault since I always come in to turn off the light. But we tried two night ago getting her in bed a wee bit earlier and turned off her light at a better time... ahh! We saw the difference the next morning! As always, thanks for the idea!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend, tara

  4. Those leaves and that little lake...drop dead gorgeous.

    I'm started my thankful list again at the end of my blog. Thanks for the inspiration. :)