i love my girls.
the other day riley was in a blessing mood.
she cleaned and organized her room like only she can do and then proceeded to bless her sister by cleaning hers, folding her sheets down for the night and putting away the mountain of laundry she let pile up. she did it while janey was in the shower so it was such a wonderful surprise for her when she came into her room to find her nightly chores already completed.
this makes my heart so very happy.

janey wrote her this note and made riley's bed the next day.


today we are keeping the girls out of school and taking them to the big city to visit the american girl store.
janey has saved her money for many months to buy the doll of the year...mckenna...and she has been planning this day since the moment she saved her first dollar.
sadly, we found out last night that all of the dolls sold out of the stores.:(
janey was heart broken and shed many a tear since picking out just the right one for you is half of the magic.
after drying her tears and giving lots of hugs we convinced her that it was a good thing she checked last night, she had some time to prepare herself and time to place that order on-line. who knows if they all would have been sold out if we didn't find out till today.

and to make the day even better, we are picking up two of my besties who had a teaching conference in chicago and bringing them home for a weekend of good food and fun.

i have a feeling this weekend, filled with some of my favorite girls, is going to be a wonderful one.

have a happy day,


  1. That note melts my heart. Love it to pieces!

    Enjoy the big city. I want to go! :) Have fun this weekend with your girlfriends. I'm sure there will be lots of yummy food, and some moscato, lots of laughing and talking late into the night. Enjoy!

  2. And, I'm sad for Janey for being so heartbroken. That hurts a mama's heart. It sounds like she can get one online though? That is great news!

  3. Morning friend, have a wonderful weekend! How fun! Enjoy your day with your beautiful littles...oh I can only imagine the smiles on their faces! Sorry about Janey's sadness...but knowing you...your motherly heart kicked in and made it all better, right? : ) Have a good time!

  4. So sad for Janey....I love a girl with a plan! The hard part of growing up is understanding that plans change!!

    I hope you have a marvelous day!

  5. Oh Riley and Janey... you are oh so sweet! I love how thoughtful you were Riley and I love how thankful you were Janey with your card.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your friends! And hope that all of that hard work saving for Mckenna will work out soon. Were you able to order one? Sure hope so! Happy weekend, tara

  6. Oh my gosh Cindy your daughters are so very sweet and loving and generous!! A true reflection of wonderful parenting, you should be so proud...have a great weekend xo

  7. Sooooo sweet...the act of kindness and the note!
    You must be so happy.