{It Was a Happy Thanksgiving}

ok...so i'm a week late.:)
but it was still happy.

so glad my parents could visit.
we made sure to get lots of books poppy would enjoy reading while we were at the library.

and lots of root beer for his speciality dessert too.

aubrey actually preferred reading to maggie.

when she wasn't "run run running as fast as you can" with mimi.

we spent the morning watching the parade and the dog show.
we still keep waiting for our beloved golden retrievers to win!!:)
mancala championship was in full swing.
looks like poppy might be the only one paying attention.

things sure were smelling good in the kitchen.
aubrey's job this year was the rolls.
janey was in charge of mashed potatoes and brining the turkey.
riley made the cranberry compote. (the night before and i missed her picture!)

our weather was so beautiful we even managed to squeeze in some outside play too.

1:00...it's go time! and he did it!
and no that's not sparkling apple cider in his glass!!:)

no fancy serving bowls here.
we believe in simple.:)

mashed  potatoes & gravy
cranberry compote
butternut squash
creamed peas and onions
crescent rolls
scalloped oysters 
that was a new one this year and only the guys ate it!
cornbread stuffing
and pumkpin pie and fresh whipped cream for dessert

janey read the blessing the girls wrote.

glary photo that happens when you get sick of red curtians and rip them down in a frenzy without anything to replace them.:)

dancing after the big feast to one of mimi's favorites off her ever popular mix cd's.

later we were looking for the ipad.
guess who had it?

the perfect way to work off all that goodness.

then about 4:00 the house looked like this.

but that's a whole other post.:)

hope you thanksgiving was simple and filled with thanks and giving,


  1. It looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family...your dinner looks wonderful. It is funny how once Thanksgiving dinner is over we start thinking about Christmas. I do have to say I was sad to take my fall decorations down this year.

  2. Love your day, Cindy...and so glad you all had a nice visit with your parents. They look so sweet! And with you on the no fancy bowls! Just more to clean up, right? Have a good day, friend!

  3. You are a brave soul to get out all of your decorations...I still don't have the energy! Your T-Day looks just right and that gravy looks like pure Heaven! Aubrey is looking so grown up all of a sudden...
    Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  4. Hi Cindy! Hope you guys are all well? I have been wanting to get over here and visit you for so long now...what a wonderful looking Thanksgiving you all had with delicious looking food too! That meal looks so yummy :) Your home is so lovely and you can see the love that resides there with everything in your pictures! Much love to you guys! xo

  5. My dad has to have a root beer flot every single night and the grandkids love it. Funny, huh? Must be their generation.

  6. Aw, loved your post. Your parents are so cute. I'm glad it was such a good day. Your tablecloth is pretty, and we are like you, simple for the holidays...no fancy dishes here either. :) Aubrey did a good job with the rolls, and I laughed at her under the chair with the Ipad. I bet the girls loved having their grandparents there!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Great pics and great times. Love those crazy Life Is Good pj's and crocs with fancy socks. I look really cute....glad you couldn't see my face and hair!! or you would "run, run as fast as you can"