{Weekend Glimpses}

our weekend was a full and wonderful one.
a little one on one shopping time with each of my big girls.
a sister sleepover.
a school project beginning.
pizza and a fountain coke.
leaf hanging.
crafting and thankfuls. (more on that to come)
early morning oatmeal breakfast date with my honey while everyone slept in.
lots and lots of american girl playing.
and cookies!

i'm a little bit obsessed and overjoyed with my hanging leaves.
that was a lot of knots!
thanks baby!:)

the girls have this whole american girl world down in the basement.
they have worked so hard on it and i love their creativity.
hours and hours of fun i tell ya.
janey even takes time out from her tumbling to play....that explains the outfit!:)

my mom emailed me this recipe back in 2003!!
goodness why are even recipes proving to me that time is flying by at warp speed.
it seems like only yesterday...but it wasn't.
we both lived in fl then and janey wasn't even born!
anyway...we love it and it is simple and yummy.
dave used real oats instead of quick oats to increase that health value so he upped the temp a bit and bake time. he also sprinkled in loads of flax seed.....YUM!

oh and i dabbled a bit in pinterest too.
that's what waking up at 3:15 on a saturday morning (which was really 2:15 cause of the time change...which we forgot about!!!!) and not being able to go back to sleep will do for you.
you can see my link over in the sidebar.
not too much there yet, but it's so much fun...and addicting.
if you're on pinterest let me know.
oh...and i made a new header too...like it?

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. holding hands with my girls
2. steel cut oats
3. dave's love
4. my mom
5. the holidays are here!!!!!!!


  1. Your new header is beautiful, so happy and colorful. I love your hanging leaves in your house too. I can't get enough of those. Now I want to go on the hunt for some leaves. :) The recipe looks good, and I'm all about adding flax seed whenever I can. Your girls and their dolls make me smile.

    You have such a sweet heart, and I love your thankful lists. You inspire me to be even more thankful each day.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Ohhh Cindy! I love the new look! It is beautiful! Like I told Tara, you are a true friend to tolerate my photos! And I love the American Girl world...Flynn is hoping Santa will bring her one this year! Have a great day, friend!

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  4. Thankful for you as well!! Can't wait til we can SHOP together during our visit. Its no fun shopping
    alone :-{

  5. I love the leaf hanging idea, my husband is so annoyed with my pile of leafs laying around in the laundry room. I knew there was something I could do with them ;)
    Those cookies look delish and it looked like a fun weekend!

  6. Can we come over and play? Oh how Anna and Abigail would join right in with their little American Girl world...

    PS love your new header. Mine's been the same since well... day one. One of these days I'll learn how to change it. :)