after reading this post i started to realize it's been awhile since aubrey and i had one of those one armed giggly photo shoots. taking pictures of yourself while holding the camera is really harder then it looks.:)
these are by no means flattering...but it was fun and sweet and hopefully when she looks back at them she will see the love.

we had a rather slow moving morning today.
many distractions kept us from the task of getting ready for our day.
crib sheets that needed to be washed. (most dreaded baby job ever btw!)
shirts that were too small.
socks that were to bunchy and looking for that "one" picture on the blog that we just had to see.

but we made it out the door and were all smiling by drop off.
i love it when one of the big girls has it all together, is being a blessing and showing patience.
today it was riley's turn.
thank you sweet love.

took riley for lunch today and we shared one of mcd's new holiday mcflurries.
so-so if you ask me, but they enjoyed it.
during our car chat riley informed me:
she can now leap from one big tire to the next without falling. (on the playground)
she loves long division.
she prayed and asked God for a good day and it worked.
and she really wants stilts and a gumball machine for Christmas.

it is cold and dreary out.
it started sprinkling as we walked into school and i swear it felt like it might snow.
oh please....not yet!
i got two extra big kisses and hugs as riley said goodbye at lunch time.
that was certainly worth that freezy walk into school.

this is the song i awoke to when my alarm went off this morning.
i just love it.
i have listened to it many, many times today.
it makes me cry.
and after that...no matter what happened with this day i knew in my heart it was going to be a good one.
play it loud my friends.

have you voted yet?
dave did early this am and i will in a few hours.
whatever comes of it all...God Bless America!

...happiest moment of the day so far...
riley's big, big hugs and kisses
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. warm soup for lunch
2. heat
3. life
4. the right to vote
5. our country


  1. I adore those pictures of you and Aubrey! I saw Sarah's post today too and passed the camera off to Anna when I was working with Abigail. (there's no way I'm passing the camera to Abigail) :) So happy that your Riely had a sweet day! Makes me happy to hear that! Enjoy your night, tara

  2. Washing crib sheets... ugh! After 15 years and 4 sweet babies, you would think I'd have the hang of it... but nooo! Still a challenge! : ) And love your pictures as always! I am guilty of not being in the photos myself! Will try harder... : )

  3. Great pictures. I love Clover Lane..her posts really make me think and slow down.

  4. Good morning friend. Drinking my coffee and checking in on my favorite people.

    LOVE that song so much. I've heard it before, but listening to it this morning it just really touches me. So glad you added it to your post. It's beautiful.

    Sweet pictures of you and your baby. I need to do that more often with my baby! :)

    Have a good weekend.