{Happy Friday}

...but i'm grumpy!:(
i really don't like it when i just wake up that way.
can't quite pinpoint it but i just feel...blah...!
and it's friday
and the sun is shining.
what's wrong with me?
i guess i'll blame hormones...they might as well be good for something.

tried to vacuum cause the sure fire to way to lift my spirits is to clean but aubrey kept yelling and whining for me to turn it off. ugh
finally gave in and snuggled on the sofa instead.
i don't look grumpy here but i am.

some days i just want to sit and chill but it's so hard for me too.
i feel like the minute i stop moving or thinking or planning...i start to get sleepy and groggy and i hate that feeling.
anybody else relate or am i just a weirdo?:)

i want to be little bill's mom
or miss spider when i grow up.
is that really pathetic to get parenting inspiration from nick jr?

dave was supposed to meet us at our new five guys for lunch but they weren't opened for business yet and he got swamped anyway.
so we headed to panera on our own.
i just had to get out of the house i tell ya.

we had a yummy lunch and shared a cookie.
drove through the park and stopped to watch the geese for awhile.

while i was putting things away aubrey had an accident all over the carpet.
some days are just like that i guess.
and i know these are small things in the scheme of things that's for sure.

janey has a friend coming over today after school.
she is so excited.
the girls were all so lovely and happy this am and i love that.
we are having temps in the low 70's and sunshine tomorrow and it's my sweeties birthday on sunday.
life is good.
i feel like a grouch...but life is good.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
snuggling in the booth at panera with aubrey
have a happy day,


  1. You're allowed to have those grumpy, grouchy, blah, off days. Goodness knows I have a lot of them. :)

    We were driving the other day, and Boyd said, mom I think I pooped in my pants.

    I can pretty much relate to this entire post. I hear ya!

  2. I feel like I have been having to many of those grumpy days this month!

  3. Ok...so I know that feeling all too well, Cindy. Isn't it weird? Like I know that I just feel "ugh" but am like powerless to change it. I too attribute it to those lovely hormones...And Aubrey dislikes the sweeper too? No way! Flynn hates the sweeper! It really bothers her, poor thing. Soo I have to wait until someone else is home to hold her! And I was just thinking that today about Little Bill's mom! I swear!! I was thinking how she ALWAYS talks so calmly! Too funny! Have a good weekend,friend!

  4. I know I sure have those days! I hate them too. I think it's definitely hormones. Just let go and let it happen. A trip to Panera's always helps. We just got one in our town, and Pete and I go once a week now. I hope your weekend is better.

  5. I know days like these... for sure! And I want to be Little Bear's Mom! Oh I love that show and how she is whistling in the kitchen as she does her work. How she always has the patience for Little Bear and how she's round around the middle and quite happy with that!!! :)

  6. Aww Cindy, we all have days like that, you're not alone there. We are only human and sometimes we just want to sit and do nothing and say nothing. It doesn't mean that we don't love or appreciate our job or our blessings. I hope you get some relaxing, quiet time soon so you can be grouchy in private. Nothing like a grouchy day to make the next one seem awesome! :)