{Happy Birthday Baby}

finally....i'm not the only 45 year old in the house.
someone makes that perfectly clear for the 47 days it's not the case.:)

after church and lunch out aubrey and i got to work on the cupcakes.
janey sewed her gift and riley worked on her electricity fair project with the birthday boy.

after a yummy dinner it was finally time for presents and cupcakes.
(see aubrey clutching the candles...she is ready!)

riley made a sweet card and a cool collage

aubrey made a sweet card and wrapped up her library book for daddy to read at night.

janey made a sweet card and sewed a pocket and filled it with love coupons.

daddy and his girls

happy birthday baby
45 is just fine....
...happiest momentof the day so far...
aubrey running around singing "happy birthday to you daddy" all day long
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. another year
2. a mellow weekend
3. worship music
4. clean bathrooms
5. warm socks


  1. Happy Birthday Dave!

    Sweet photos, and sweet memories. What a wonderful celebration. You both look GREAT for 45. I'm catching up with you. I'll be in the 40 club next year. I hope as look as good as both of you do.


  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your hubby, Cindy...and you and your littles had a wondeful celebration for him! I love the sweet cards and gifts! And his excitement...sooo sweet! And so funny that you are just a little bit older than he is...because I am just a few days older than Steve and he always teases me about it, until he catches up!

    Happy Day, friend!

  3. Happy Birthday to Dave!!!! Love your happy sweet pictures of all the love they poured on their daddy with homemade cards and gifts. Looks like it was the perfect day! Happy Monday... hope things are looking up. ~tara

  4. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! :) He always looks so incredibly, genuinely happy to be surrounded by all his girls. Love how that shines through in your photos! That one of the girls all staring at him before he blows out his candles is priceless. Soooo sweet!

    And...PS...I'm older than BSD too. boo! :(

  5. Oh sweetness...Aubrey wrapping her library book for him to read at bedtime is just about the sweetest thing I have ever heard! Happy Birthday Dave!

  6. Happy birthday to your husband Cindy! I know I'm a little late though lol
    Such a beautiful family and gorgeous pictures!