{Roasting Pumpkins, Recipes and a Lunch Date}

when we were at the pumpkin patch a few weekends back dave picked up a pumpkin to roast.
these directions were helpful.

look at that color!!
we got about 8 cups of pumpkin puree but were hoping for a little bit more.
i guess next year we better get two.

here is our favorite pumpkin bread recipe that we got from dave's sister many years ago.
it's simple and oh so yummy.
especially when you add the chocolate chips.

we tried this recipe at the pumpkin patch.
it is light and fluffy and scrumptious.

and if you're in the mood for a yummy pumpkin coffee cake or pumpkin chip muffins check out my friend billie jo's.


the weather is picture perfect today.
cool, crisp, and not a cloud in the sky.
in the car on our lunch date riley chatted about how much she loves her math teacher.
i am so, so glad.
she visits her before school begins if she needs extra help and i love that she is taking that initiative herself. motivated learners make me smile.

driving the back roads after i drop the girls back off at school is so peaceful to me.
just look at that wide open space.
makes me breathe a little deeper and slower ya know.

today the girls have haircuts after school and dance later in the evening.
they both have a girl scout function this week and then a birthday party for riley friday night.
whew...i may need to take this way home again...

...happiest moment of the day so far...
watching aubrey pretend to be dora...stick pony, backpack and colored picture of boots in hand

have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. bloggy friends
2. a trip with my honey is booked!!!
3. the weather
4. thoughts for the day..."God's love for us is greater then any problem we face."
5. coloring books


  1. The roasted pumpkin looks amazing and I bet that pumpkin bread will taste extra good! Those back roads in your part of the country look so peaceful and so open. I also LOVE your previous post of Dave's birthday. You can just tell how much those girls love their daddy! You both look great and so happy:)) Have a GREAT rest of your day Cindy.

  2. love the road picture... makes me calm just looking at it! Enjoy your very full week! Dance... how fun! I'm a canned pumpkin girl myself... never tried the 'real thing' but it doesn't surprise me that you and Dave tried it! :) I think of you every time I make 'dave's pizza'. Have a nice night!

  3. I have always thought it would be fun to roast a pumpkin. Your pumpkin fluff dip sounds wonderful!

  4. Hi Cindy...thanks for the mention! I think I love all things pumpkin as much as you do! I am anxious to try the dip...it sounds yummy! I wish Aubrey and Flynn could have a play date! Her playing Dora and Flynn playing Max and Ruby would be fun! And I see you are thankful for bloggy friends...right back at you friend! Have a great night once you are home and settled!

  5. That looks like such a nice drive home. Life is so busy isn't it? You have the right idea though...just breathe deep and play Dora!

  6. Love your thankful list again, YAY for the trip. :) I've got to start planning for our girls' day. :) I also love when God speaks to us, and calms us. Yesterday I had one of those days of listening and learning more about Him!

    The recipes look so good. I've never thought to make my own pumpkin puree. I might give that a try next year.

    LOVE the blue sky and the long open road.

    Have a good day.