what a beautiful morning.
when i went out to snap this picture it was 6:30am but you would have thought it was the middle of the night.
it was still and
see the frost?
truly spectacular.

everyone woke up happy today.
i think it was the bouncy new haircuts that got them all out of bed full of smiles.
new haircuts do that for me too...you?

aubrey and i had a sweet morning at panera.
they added a new "big kid" grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup to the menu.
looks heavenly.
might just be a black friday lunch for me and mom.

the library was wonderful.
we were on our own this morning since our friends weren't feeling well.
we missed them but it gave us lots of time to read and snuggle in the big comfy chairs.
lots of good books today.
here are some of our favorites.

i just love everything by amy hest...like this and this and this so we were glad to see she has a new book out.

we had an early release day today so our time after lunch seemed to fly by.
we were back in the car pick up line before we knew it.
riley had a girl scout outing so it was just jane.
perfect time for these two to play and bond.


and pretend to sleep.

in various places.

silly girls.

janey wrote me this letter in school yesterday.
she said it was national kindness day.
sorry i missed that one.:)
melted my heart for sure.

hope your day was a happy one,

{thankful for}
1. quiet mornings
2. a free bagel
3. a call from a faraway friend
4. a front row parking spot
5. throat coat tea


  1. Love the new header and nothing cuter than two sleepy little girls falling asleep together. :)

  2. What a beautiful morning picture, Cindy...don't you just love that time of day when all is quiet and it is like you are the only person awake in the world?

    Can you believe I have NEVER been to Panera? Like ever? We don't have any near here in the country...guess I will have to live vicariously through you...

    Love the haircuts too! Happy Wednesday evening, friend!

  3. I love your first picture...just beautiful!

  4. Hi Cindy, what a compliment that Janey wants to redo her room and said that about Anna and Abigail's room. So sweet! We have early dismissal all week here because of conferences. It sure chops up the day! But is fun too! Love that sunrise picture. Beautiful! You should print and frame that one! Love the bouncy new hair cuts. A little spring in their step for sure! Love your library time... wish I was still doing those days! Have a nice night Cindy, tara

  5. What a sweet little note from Janey! I just adore it when my kids do things like that, although as they get older, those things are few and far between :(
    Aubrey is growing up so much!! She is not a toddler anymore!
    You guys have the best backyard ever!! I want to come and play there :)