{Thanksgiving Around Here}

not too many thanksgiving decorations up in our house.
the poor favorite forgotten holiday.:)

we just leave all our non-jack-o-lantern goodies up and add in a few extras.

preschool turkeys

and second grade pilgrim girls
i fell in love with this when i saw it but it just didn't look quite right over our fireplace.
so i decided to put it on the little wall near the stairs and hang our thankfuls there.
so far i think it works.

...momentary pause for a cute little princess dora with her cape, backpack, pony and paper boots prancing around...

i just loved this too.
so i decided to make one.
our fireplace needed a little somethin since our thankfuls were hanging somewhere else this year.

and one of my favorite thanksgiving things...the quilt i made with the first grade class i interned with waaaaaaaay back in 1988. (yikes!) they gave it to me as a gift when i left and it has hung in my/our home ever since.

so there you have it.
that's pretty much what thanksgiving looks like around here.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a warmer day
2. peanut butter on wheat toast
3. small towns
4. shiny clean appliances
5. a full pantry


  1. Fabulous. What a beautiful home full of thankfulness. And I love love love your blog header. Happy thanksgiving.
    :) jen

  2. Love it, Cindy...all of it! Love the fireplace! And those handmade ones are the best! Question...is Aubrey in preschool this year? Was wondering...Flynn could go next year...but I don't know...I don't think I can do it!

  3. Love the preschool turkeys in that first photo, so precious! Our home is pretty much the same with a few orange and brown non Halloween decorations left out. I'm trying so hard to leave it all up until after Thanksgiving but I'm so ready for some Christmas fun!! :)

  4. Hi Cindy, I LOVE your Thanksgiving! Love the second grade pilgrims... oh so sweet! Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family ~ tara

  5. Love the preschool turkeys and second grade pilgrims. We have some preschool turkeys out as well.

  6. Laughing, same here friend...a few pumpkins remain around our house, and now I have 2 of Boyd's Thanksgiving school placemats on the fridge. That is all. I'm ready to pack it all up, to be honest, and dig into Christmas! :)