{10 and a Half}

double digits was tough enough...now this!:)

what a beauty.
inside and out.

we all love this girl beyond belief.
she is kind, thoughtful and tender-hearted.
her sisters adore her and think she rocks.
she has lots of good friends.
and tries hard at school.
math is about her only subject that takes a little work.
she has a tendency for impatience.
and she stays up waaaay to late reading!
but no ones perfect right?:)

riley really wanted angel food cake with strawberries again for her big day, but there wasn't a descent looking strawberry in town this time of year. so brownies it was.

way more fun to make...sneaking a lick of batter and all.

dinner of choice...lemon chicken.
yeah for me too.

homemade cards

little past someone's bedtime i think.

and a new book.

most days i think i'm the mom to three crazy little nut-balls!!!:)
"happy half birthday to you..."

"happy half birthday to you"

"happy half birthday dear riley"

"happy half birthday to you!"
{everyone needed a little candle action}

you are so very, very loved.

9 and a Half
8 and a half


  1. Morning, Cindy! I love this idea...never done it myself. Just realized that since we have 2 May and 2 November, we would be celebrating all 4 twice a year! Anyway, she is a doll and looks like it wa a sweet celebration of a sweet girl. Have a good week as Christmas gets closer! : )

  2. Love the idea of celebrating half bdays!! Who would not want to be celebrated twice a year.Nicolas turned 10 on October..that is a big bday.
    Looks like you all enjoyed the day.

  3. She is the sweetest 9 and a half I've ever seen! Happy half birthday to you Riley! Wishing you many wonderful days! Cindy, love the pictures! We just 'celebrated' Anna's half tonight! So cool!

  4. Happy Birthday Riley! These pictures are wonderful!! Have a great week!


  5. Aw, Happy 10 1/2 Riley!
    You've had a lot of sweet celebrations in your house lately friend. I just adore your pictures, and your family. The memories you are creating for your girls are priceless!

  6. Happy 1/2 BD Ri...wow...almost 11 and next middle school. I feel so old...Love, Mimi

  7. Happy 1/2 BD Ri...wow...almost 11 and next middle school. I feel so old...Love, Mimi

  8. Hey Cindy!! How are you? Finally I am getting around to popping by and catching up with you guys :) It's been a crazy busy couple of months! Riley is just beautiful and I just adore the abundance of love in your home between your girls...a true reflection of the love they receive from you and your husband xo