{3 and a Half}



sweetie...how did you grow up so fast?

i want to swaddle you back up and rock you for hours.
i miss my sweet baby but i adore this spunky, imaginative preschooler you are becoming.

you love to play with your babies.
you love to act out every show you watch, complete with props and songs and dance moves.
you love books and are simply amazing at reading stories.
you love breakfast and eat a great one...other meals...not so much.
your sisters can not get enough of you...you are the first person they want to kiss and hug when they come in the door.
you are so, so very loved little miss aubrey kate.

homemade cards

and a sweet baby foot shot thrown in for old times sake!:)

a new book


"happy half birthday to you"

"happy half birthday to you"


"happy half birthday dear aubrey"

"happy half birthday to you!"


not quite sure where the silly mustache faces came from:)
daddy's good at silly faces too.

you are so very, very loved.
happy half birthday baby.


  1. Happy half birthday to your sweet baby, Cindy! She is a doll...and I am right there with you friend...how DO they grow so fast?
    Sigh...Love your sweet girls making her day so special. And those pictures of mommy and her baby? Beautiful! : )

  2. Super sweet and beautiful little girl you have! Happy 3 1/2 birthday little one! Precious pictures.

  3. She is just a cutie Cindy! Yes, they all grow up so fast but the baby of the family seems to grow up a bit faster that the others.
    Looks like you had a great time celebrating her.

  4. Happy 1/2 BD Aubrey...could the mustache be like Poppy? Love, Mimi

  5. soooo sweet! You can always feel the love oozing from your photos. Aubrey really looks older in that second picture. She is just beautiful! :)

  6. Happy half to yo Aburey!!! You are so sweet. Cindy, she still have baby toes... so cute!