{Christmas Around Here}

now that the wrapping paper has settled and our computer is working again, i'm gonna attempt to recap some of the loveliness that went on here these last few weeks...hopefully before valentines day!:)
we just love decorating for the holidays.
no sooner is the turkey cleaned up and we are pulling out the Christmas boxes.
usually takes us a few days to get it all in place.
(and i'm usually completely worn out by then...!)
but it's all worth it in the end.
so here are a few pics of our Holiday Home.
i got a new advent calendar this year and i love it.
you can read more about our advent activities here.
sorry to say we weren't quite as good as last year on getting all those activities done...next year we WILL do better.

you can tell how late i took these photos.
see the Christmas Eve jammies and ornaments all ready to go?:)
do you color code your wrapping paper?
each of us gets our own...no need for tags that way!:)


dave and i began collecting our village right after we got married.
i love it.

i love hanging some of our old holiday art work.
we were so lacking in the Christmas craft department this year.
and that makes me so sad.
next year....
and we'll end this little tour with three little angels...

two snuggled up watching one of our favorite Christmas movies...ever!

and one decorating her own Christmas home. :)

have a happy day,


  1. Your home is so cozy. I love your decorations and little touches from the kids. I got some good ideas from this post! And the color coded Christmas wrap??!! Smart thinking! Merry Christmas Cindy!

  2. Love love love it, Cindy...every bit of it! So cozy, so warm, so inviting! Everything is just how I imagined your holiday home to be! Enjoy that beautiful home this week with those precious littles, friend!

  3. Your home looks beautiful decorated for Christmas! Hope you are enjoying time with your family this week!

  4. Me again...we color code our wrapping paper as well. It sure makes it easy on Chritmas morning! I have to admit though this great idea did not come from me it came from my husband.

  5. I agree, your home looks so cozy!! LOVE it:))

  6. I loved seeing your holiday home! So pretty. I adore that new Advent calendar that you have. It's so cute. What do you hang things on the wall with, especially the kids' artwork? I want to do that, instead of it all being crammed on the fridge. Is it a removable putty??

    Love this post friend!