{Holiday Shows}

we were lucky...two holiday school shows to entertain us this season.

janey was first with "snow, snow, snow."
they sang and danced the night away.
when i asked janey her favorite part of course she said "all of it!"
but more specifically she liked the "winter fun song."
our seats weren't the best so we didn't get the greatest pictures.
riley filmed the whole thing on their ipods.
we made the dreadful mistake of letting aubrey watch it on the way home that night...
she threw up all over the car!!!:(
we should have known better with our motion sensitive sweetie.
not the best ending to our wonderful evening.
later that week it was riley's turn
  it was their first band performance and i have to tell you i was having some major flashbacks as i sat there watching her giggling with her friends with her clarinet up on her knee!!:)  i kept sending my iPhone pics to my parents and all my old friends...i think i was freaking them out a bit too...it was great.

riley's favorite band selection was "merry Christmas to all".
they don't usually practice with the full band so all week she kept telling me how great they sounded. she was so excited...that's a true musician for ya!
just wait baby..it only gets better.:)

riley had the narration part for her favorite chorus song "winter fantasy."
she did amazing.
thanks for entertaining us girls...as always.
we love you.

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  1. How fun, Cindy...minus the vomit incident...gotta love the clarinet player! Brings back so many memories! I know how proud you were, friend!