{Christmas Eve}

on of our favorite days of the year is finally here!
the anticipation.
the wonder.
the magic and the miracles.
we love it all.

of course these two needed a picture too.

riley is so sleepy here...she is holding back a really big yawn.:)

misplaced that all important part of our tripod.
the part that holds the camera.

after church we gathered around for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner...
fondue and appetizers.
dave tried a new pigs in a blanket recipe this year....super yummy!!:)

of course we had to pause our Christmas music to track santa's every move.
he's getting closer.

next it was new ornaments and jammie time.
i love tara's tradition of an ornament every year....so now it's our tradition too.:)

i got the girls one of those hand painted one from pier one.
 love em.

these girls wanted to snuggle up and listen to the night before Christmas too.
i feel like i have to clarify a photo like this...4 of these dolls the girls bought with their own money...they saved for a year for each.:)  my parents bought each of the girls a bitty baby when they were 2 and the big girls a just like me doll the Christmas before aubrey was born.
santa brought the twins...that's it!:)

cookies and letters are left by the fireplace.

and sleepy girls are ready for bed.:)

we decided to let riley and janey have a sister sleepover...we will see how that goes.:)
see you in the morning,


  1. So wonderful, Cindy...and so very much like our Christmas Eve... I love that whole day, don't you? Those girls are so very sweet!

  2. Love all of these pictures. The ones of the girls in front on the tree are so beautiful. You are so good with your camera. The ornaments are so pretty! That sounds like a fun tradition. We usually set my camera up on a box or something, even though we do have a tripod...somewhere. :)

    And, the food all looks really yummy. Kevin's family has the fondue tradition too, either on Christmas or NYE.


  3. Your post makes me want to have Christmas Eve all over again. It's such a fun day with little girls. Love the anticipation!!
    You got so many great pictures of everyone infront the tree. Cute idea with the sister sleepover too :)

  4. Looks like you all had a beautiful Christmas Eve Cindy!! Such cute pictures :)