remember janey's sad american girl tale?
and how she had to order mckenna on-line instead of picking her out herself in the store?
well, she arrived a few days before Christmas.
dave and i really weren't sure what we should do...saver her for under the tree?
her birthday? a whole separate day that would still be special?
riley thought janey would love to have her there on Christmas morning so we decided rather then put her under the tree...we would make a special moment of it on Christmas Eve.

pure joy

this girl of mine is oh so tenderhearted

this is going to seem so strange...and i feel a bit weird as i type it, but this moment, this very momet, in the middle of all the craziness and chaos that can sometimes over take us at this time of year, i was taken aback. all i could think of was these three. and all the moments, big and small when they would be there for each other.
helping, loving, encouraging, sympathizing, rejoicing....and the list goes on. doesn't it?
i am so very blessed.
and life it good.

have a happy day,


  1. I just love how your girls delight in each others happiness...that must be amazing to witness. I LOVE the pictures of Janey hugging her doll...she looks so darn happy!

  2. You captured the moment of Janey's happiness perfectly, Cindy. That picture of her face when she opens it is priceless. And I love how you captured in words those special fleeting moments we mothers experience at times like these. I am glad you wrote it down to revisit now and again...

  3. How sweet! Juliana really want an American Girl doll and to go to the store. We would have to travel to Southern Ca. which is about 7 hrs away, but I think it may be worth it. We are thinking maybe for her birthday in July.