{Our Year In Pictures}

it's kind of mind boggling when you sit down and look through a years worth of pictures all at once.
everyone has changed...grown older...grown up...
we have
and celebrated
a lot!

here are just a few of our favorites...








what a blessed, blessed year!
thank you so much for reading this little blog of mine,
for lifting us up, celebrating with us and for being true, true friends.
have a happy day,
goodbye 2012...


  1. How beautifu, Cindy...I enjoyed getting "caught up" with you, since I was late getting started here! Blessings to you and your beautiful family this new year. Thanks for being a dear friend! : )

  2. Happy New Year! It is fun to look back through a year worth of pictures and remember how fun each event was that you have pictures of. It looks like you had a wonderful year.

  3. Hi Cindy... I poured over your pictures and I realized that I don't think I've ever missed a post because looking at your year in photos today I felt like I was with you all along... corny I know. But it sure has been a fun year... thanks for letting us come along for the ride! You inspire, you remind me what's important, and you love love love that preciouse family of yours. I am grateful that you share it all on this blog...

    Here's to an awesome 2013!!!


    Great post idea by the way!

  4. Loved looking back at your year. Your pictures are beautiful, fun, happy...so much goodness here.
    You know I just love your blog, and always miss it when you aren't here!
    So thankful to know you and really thankful to finally get to meet you in person, Dave too! One day we will have to get ALL of us together.
    Happy New Year.