{New Years Day}

...hello 2013...

nothing like an early morning bed full of love and an impromptu iphone shot to ring in the new year!!
riley and daddy made us an amazing breakfast.

we had a lazy morning and just basically hung out.
watching aubrey box was cracking us all up.
where did she get so much umph and go get-em??

the snow that fell the day before was finally packed down and ready for some sledding.
look at all that sunshine.
my kind of start to the new year i tell ya!

this little one is a thrill seeking speed demon.
makes my heart skip a beat.

starting the year off right...breaking all kinds of rules...and all.
that's us alright.

aubrey was ready to head home early from sledding so the two of us tried to leave.
key word being tried.
hit an icy patch and got stuck.
couldn't make it up the hill to get out of the park and kept slidding backwards.
this fl girl was not meant to drive in the snow.
daddy had to come rescue me...twice.
i was happy to be home and out of the car.
aubrey kept saying...that's ok mommy...you can do it!
ugh...when's spring?

we decided to start a new new years day tradition.
chinese take-out for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries (and ritz and peanut butter sandwiches covered in chocolate too with some non-pb ones for aubrey).
dinner was awesome and the clean-up was even better.

after dinner aubrey and jane had a little surprise second dinner waiting for us in the basement.
they worked all day on this little spread.
they were so proud.

so...have any good goals for the new year yet?
i need time alone with my thoughts before i put my list to paper, and the girls don't go back till next tuesday (love!) so that list will just have to wait.

i hope your first day of the new year was the best you could ever imagine.
and that your year ahead is even better!
have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a fresh start
2. my family
3. a shiny new calendar to fill
4. little river band station on pandora
5. chocolate


  1. You are so lucky that your girls are off til next Tuesday!!! So lucky! Loved your "no sledding" picture... livin on the wild side that family of yours! :) Love your new tradition.. we had take out Chinese on New Years Day too.. I too love the clean up! Soak in the rest of your days off! Happy New Year my friend, tara

  2. Looks like a perfect day, Cindy! And I love the "no sledding" picture, too...you rebel! : ) Have a great evening, friend!

  3. The sledding looks FUN! I'm not a thrill seeker, but my child is. We went to Six Flags over the holiday and Boyd begged Kevin to take him on the Judge Roy Scream, which is a huge roller coaster. Kevin was even hesitant. haha. Boyd LOVED it. {but then I never posted any pics b/c we all argued that night. such is life, huh?!}.
    love this post!