anyone else having issues uploading pictures to blogger?
after i click on that little photo icon my "browse" button is gone?? any ideas? i've
update...apparently it is and internet explorer 9 issue.
blogger is aware of it and hopefully will fix it soon.
till then you can upload photos using the html format then switch back to compose.:) 
...can we just chat!?
feels like i have been documenting a bunch of major events lately.
i miss just hanging out and talking about our ordinary days.
does that make sense?:)

all signs of Christmas are packed away for another year.
honestly...this may sound bad...but we took it down the 26th.
i'm funny like that.
i long to be the person that holds on to that magic and soaks every drop out of it, but i just want to get my house back in order and all that stuff  put away! i try to blame it on janey's early january b-day, but it's really just me and my clutter issues.:)

we got up and out of the house early yesterday, which hasn't happened in forever it seems.
good practice for school i guess, which is right around the corner.
we had our usual wednesday activities (panera and the library) but this time the big girls were with us and aubrey just loves that. it made my heart so happy to sit there in story time with all my babies around me. singing the songs and listening to the books. heaven.
we came home with two HUGE bags of goodness.
the big girls are set for awhile.

riley started reading harry potter right before winter break and she just started book 7 today. she is seriously obsessed. for the last 5 days she has been under a blanket with her nose buried in a book all.day.long. she reads till late at night then starts again even before she comes downstairs.

janey loves books with letters in them...like the jolly postman, fairyopolis and letters to leo. she started this series yesterday and she was up late and reading early too. i love my little bookworms. this series is next on her list.

aubrey amazes me at her focus when it comes to reading. she will sit forever and listen and engage. with those sisters of hers around...she has no choice but to love reading.

tomorrow we have a play date with some friends and a pretty low key weekend on the horizon.
really wishing there was a good kids movie in the theaters about now.

so what are your weekend plans?
get those goals written yet?
i hope tomorrow is a fantastic first friday of 2013.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. 40 minutes of reading with aubrey snuggled on my lap this am before everyone came downstairs
2. york peppermint patties from the gas station
3. a new magazine
4. indoor parks
5. clean water


  1. Hi there...I can upload pictures, but I do it from a Picassa album...but I just checked and I don't see the browse button either...isn't it supposed to be there after you hit upload? Hmmm let me know. And so glad you are having fun with your littles. Last Christmas break, Rhett did the exact same thing with Harry Potter, except it was the movies! He was in a tent for days watching them! Have a good evening, friend.

  2. Hey Cindy... you can always just chat. I wish I could help you out but I load my pictures to flicker. It's just the way Scott taught me when I started my blog and I just memorized it do it that way... sorry! Computer problems are the most frustrating. Maybe if you try again tomorrow?

    I am certain that Riely and Anna would be best friends. Sometimes I actually asked Anna to stop reading so that she can play with Abigail... I really should pinch myself because I love it! :)

    I'm so jealous that your girls are sitll home with you. This was a long week even though it started on Wednesday. Ya know what? I couldn't sleep the night before. (the night before back to school this Wednesday) I was in bed at 10 and then just layed there til 2am... I was so uptight about back to school. Crazy tired the next day but I like em home!

    Christmas down... I'm almost the same way. This year we took it all down the day before New Year's Eve. I loved having the house back. And it feels like I have so much more space! Love that! I've got some winter decorations out that I love because it feels so minimal compared to Christmas.

    Anyway, I'm rambling! Enjoy your Friday. Is it pizza night for you? It's my last day to be 39... yikes!

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  4. I love how much your girls love to read. There is just nothing better than a good book! I know what you mean, and it's nice to get all decor put away, and have ordinary days again. I guess it's a good thing something big like Christmas only happens once a year! Kevin grew up observing the 12 days of Christmas, that start after Christmas, so our stuff stays up a while. :)

    I still love that you do the library and Panera each Wednesday. I want to get mine and Boyd's friday cupcake date more regular this year. But then I just remembered that in the fall there will be no more cupcake Fridays. That breaks my heart a little bit.

    No big plans for us this weekend. And my goals, lose some weight and be kind. Simple huh?! :)

    Ok, enough from me. Enjoy your day.

  5. Hey Cindy I have had the same issue with the Browse button having disappeared. Anyway, I googled it and found some answers as to why or maybe why it is happening. From what I learned it is Blogger's way of getting you to change over and use Chrome, I did this and what do you know? It works now for me...
    Beautiful pictures and I love it when kids read! It opens up a whole new world of imagination :)