{Insta Friday week 1}

can we call it week one?
makes sense to me...
even though i'm gonna backtrack a bit with some of the photos that happened since

::a quick peek at our weeks(s)::
these two make a perfect snuggly pair.
aubrey has been avoiding the carousel at the mall lately.
she finally wanted to try it again...but only on the little sofa.
works for me.

this was such a cute moment to me.
she was talking to herself while playing on the phone...her sister's shirt on inside out and
her little orange fingernails...love!
i only go to starbucks for the brownie pops.
is that wrong?
janey's ella enchanted  mobile book report.
riley went to her first "real" sleepover and this is the text i got right before bed.
(alowee is the way riley said i love you when she was 2...it stuck!)
this is how she looked in the morning.
she took a nap later.:)
teaching her baby to count at panera
it was the Christmas for socks...which is always a good thing.
first snow of the season
we got this movie for Christmas and really, really love it!
they dressed up as tink and periwinkle and covered everything in blue and white blankets.
fun while exchanging at eddie bauer.
ps...i didn't get that hat...
janey's self made breakfast
about to be homemade salsa
movie night with friends
hope your week was a wonderful one.
have a happy day,


  1. Love these posts, Cindy! I love peeking in at your life! Those girls of yours...so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  2. That salsa looks soooo good! Can you share the recipe. I've tried others and I can not get it right... is it you or your cooking husband that makes it? We all still look forward to his pizza recipe every weekend.
    Love the socks... looks so cozy... hope you got a pair too!
    I've got to get better at quick everyday pictures. Love these posts. Happy weekend, tara

  3. I'm glad you're catching up. I've missed your regular posts about IL life!

  4. Wonderful instagrams. Loved the text.. and the cake pop : )

  5. I want to come hang out at your house and eat all the yummy food. One day I am going to do it! :)
    LOVE those fur hats on the girls. Such a cute picture.
    That text from Riley, oh my word, love it!
    I also love the dessert at Starbucks.

    Ok, think I have a few more of your posts to catch up on that I somehow missed.