this is monday's post...coming out on tuesday...cause lately that is how things are working over here.

our last day of vacation.
can that be possible?
it was really a wonderful one.
the perfect mix of alone time and togetherness.
chilling and getting things done.
busyness and boredom...cause you have to have a little bit of that every now and then right?

one of our goals for the year is to be more intentional about our one on one time together.
we are pretty good at getting the girls out solo, but sometimes that means just taking them on an errand with us...which is great, but not the same as one on one...look you in the eye and give you our undivided attention. we made this little chart to help us stay focused.
cute little charts make it so much easier to stay focused don't they?
dave took care of the dates this month.
the girls loved it.
honestly i think the hardest ones to keep up with are going to be ours cause they involve getting someone to watch the girls and real grown-up planning.
but we need to do it.
and we will.:)
we spent the rest of the day baking,and baking and tasting.

oh this sweet girl and her mouth that needs wiping. 
blue sprinkles were the must have secret ingredient. 
dave made this for dinner.
super yum!!!
janey wants to bring in cake pops for her birthday on friday.
we decided extra practice was a must.:)
hope your weekend was a wonderful one,
have a happy day,


  1. Looks like a fun last day of vacation. The kids went back to school yesterday and my husband went back to work as well. I got a lot done but I sure did miss my family!
    Your dinner looks wonderful!

  2. So back to school for you now...sorry...those vacations fly right by in a blur of fun and family, don't they? Your baking day looked fun. And I am loving your new chart! have a nice evening, friend!

  3. I can't believe the ponytail on your baby? How can Aubrey have that much hair? Hair envy over here . . .

  4. ugghh...back to routine, not always the most fun! You guys got a nice long break, though. Sure wish we could have had a few more days.

    Thanks for your sweet words on my post today. Good thing God doesn't keep score of our mistakes, huh?!?

    love the chart idea!

  5. Dave's cooking always looks soooo good;))

  6. I love the date chart. Such a fun and great idea! I might copy. The chicken dish looks amazing. Your girls are just the cutest! They always make me smile!