{14 years}

happy anniversary to us
happy anniversary to us
happy anniversary to us....
happy anniversary to us
and many moooooore!:)

how cheesy is that huh?:
it just hit me when i opened this post so i went with it.

dave took the day off today which was so wonderful.
he was there to make pancakes for the girls...a super rare treat on a school day and help with the morning hoopla. a major plus for me.

we took aubrey to panera for a bagel (yes she ate two breakfasts) then went to story time.
she loved having daddy there to help her pick out books.

we came home for a bit then back out to lunch.
wow...two meals out in one day...i feel so special!:)

he wanted to take me someplace a bit fancier but i was really craving a burger.

this was his not mine.
just cheese and ketchup for me...i'm so way boring. 
 i sat in the back with this sweetie on the way home as she sang laurie berkner to me.
and this was dinner.
then the mayhem of figuring out the tripod and the timer began.
we did it!
and some outtakes to make you laugh!!:)

the roses are in their vase, my chocolates are chilling,and my icecream is scooped...now we're headed to the sofa for a little tv time.

happy day,
happy life,
happy anniversary!
i love you baby

13 years
12 years (check this one out to see some shots of the REAL big day!:))


  1. Now I'm craving five guys. Thanks. That will be lunch tomorrow!

  2. Aw, happy anniversary to you two! Sweetest couple ever!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We had our 20 year in November and it was the first time in years we went out to dinner for it.

    Love all of the sweet family pictures. You have so much fun as a family.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Not only do I love Panera's, but I also will only have a cheeseburger with Ketchup (sometimes pickles!)

    I LOVE the pictures. Yea for the tripod

  5. Happy Anniversary...you guys are such a great couple! And, good job on the pictures!!!

  6. Oh Happy, Happy , Happy Anniversary Cindy! How I wished we lived closer...we would have so much fun! Your special day is my perfect day! I love your pancake breakfast and yummy lunch. I love your sitting in the back with your adorable sweetie and singing! And those pictures! Love love love! You are the sweetest family! Have a great day, friend!

    P.S. Just reading over this, I am wondering if it is possible for me to use anymore exclamation points!! Do I sound like I am shouting or what? : )

  7. Happy Anniversary Cindy and Dave. Love the family group photos! So cute, so much fun. You guys are so good about using the tripod for this. All of your food looks and sounds yummy...that's my kind of anniversary! :)


  8. Congratulations! I think your burger date was just perfect. Fancy is overrated. I am very impressed with the pictures. It is no small feat to accomplish.

  9. Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary Cindy and Dave!!!! xo