{Ten on Ten :: Januray}

10 photos on the 10th of each month
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

1: a lovely assistant always makes baking more fun. 2: first attempt at these babies.  3: a basket of snuggly, warm socks makes me happy. 4: quick walk outside...it's chilly. 5: janey's lunch date...singing with chocolate chip cookie mouths. 5.5: had to sneak this one it...janey came running back to the car after i dropped her off for one more hug and kiss...sweetie. 6: rollin, rollin, rollin...7: i love to hear "homemade music" in the house. 8: warm and cozy owl lovin girl.  9: done! 10: relax and giggle.
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  1. The cake batter photo is priceless. Great shot. And the one of Janey in her purple hat.

    ELR--my favorite show EVER!

    And Evie and I thought of you while we were gorging on fries at Five Guys yesterday!

  2. I love the everyday posts most of all, Cindy. (As you well know by now!) There is something so comforting about knowing while I may not know many women around me who share my love of home and family as much as I do, they are out there...loving their families and their homes and their lives.

    And those cake pops? Ummm, Yummmm! I agree with Jen above, that shot of Aubrey with the batter...priceless! : )

  3. Awww, running back for another smooch and squeeze- so sweet!
    Love the first pic...takes me back to childhood, watching my mom bake. Wonderful, warm set!

  4. This posts makes me want to bake something!
    Yes, the picture of Jaey in her purple hat is just adorable.
    Happy Friday!

  5. Looks like a great day! How did the cake pops turn out?? My girls love those things but I have never attempted to make them. They intimidate me ;)

  6. Cute girls, cute shoes, cute cake pops!
    Looks like a great day.
    I will probably never get my act together to do 10 on 10, but I love seeing everyone else's!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. Cake pops...yum. I love those sweet hugs your girls are sharing. Homemade music....hmmmm....it's nice except when the dog joins in like over here. We have drums, tubas and a mandolin....and then howling. Too funny. Have a great weekend.

  8. I love this set. It tells a story! I adore the picture of Janey at the car window...beautiful! And those cake pops look so yummy!

  9. these a great photos, i love seeing the cake pops develope throughout the day!