{Insta Friday :: week 4}

::happy friday::
a rather slow but full week for us.
not much camera action in our house...real kind or iphone kind.
we had a dusting of snow last night that has the girls all excited but i think the sun may melt it to a pile of slush by tomorrow.
::here's a quick peek at our week::
i love the little things that keep my chef smiling.
i love braids on little girls.
i love muffins on a school day.
i love girls who check their calendars before making plans.
i love school day lunch time schenanigans.
i love wide open peaceful roads.
hope your week was a wonderful one,
have a happy day,
{thankful for}
1. my parents
2. pepper jelly
3. aubrey's sweet voice and kisses
4. a full tank of gas
5. one of my favorites for dinner tonight


  1. That game looks so cute! Enjoy your time with your parents! ~tara

  2. That pink salt looks neat!
    The squirrel game is adorable. I love it.
    Sweet pictures.
    See you soon!