{Dallas...plus a bunch}

hi there.
so did you think we just up and moved to texas or what??!!:)

can i just take a moment to sigh?

it happened again.
i paused blogging to live the life i blog about and now i feel so behind and am draaaaagging myself back to this computer.

it's not all drudgery,
don't get me wrong...it's just that those few spare moments filled by blogging get completely overtaken the minute i stop and it's hard to give those things up to jump back in.
does that make sense?

aubrey and i have been snuggling more and just sitting on the sofa chatting.
i love chatting with a very precocious 3 year old.
she says the absolute sweetest and funniest things.
i wanna just eat her up.
i tell her that too and she will say...."but mom...i'm not food ya know"...giggle giggle...then i will proceed to tell her how sweet she is...sweet like sugar...and she will say..."ok...you can nibble me only"!!:)  and i will kiss and hug her all over...how can you not melt to that.....? how can you trade that for a computer........!:(

believe me not all the things filling my time have been "snugly good and worth it".
since my alone hotel time (when dave was at his meeting) i have gotten back into words with friends with two of my besties...we currently have 10 (yes 10!) games going...great for the brain...but a slightly obsessive time waster too.

ok, we can get back to all that has been filling our days soon...first let's do dallas!


dave and i got up early sunday to sneak out of the house before anyone was up.
we knew with our emotional threesome that saying our goodbyes at night would be better.
for everyone.
we headed out of town towards the most glorious sunrise.
pretty good way to start the day don't ya think?

that and our alone time bagel of course.:)

after a pretty uneventful day of travel and surviving the busy construction filled roads of the big city we met up with nicolle and megan.
it was just as wonderful and easy and fun as i knew it would be.
wish it could have lasted longer.

these are two very special ladies and i'm very lucky to call them my friends.

the next day after a breakfast with some of dave's work buddies he was off to his meetings and i was off to sight see a bit with nicolle. she was driving this time so i was much more at ease...no need to navigate!:)

after seeing some historical sights in downtown dallas, nicolle took me to the most charming little place for lunch.
the food was so yummy and the conversation even better.
i think we could have talked for hours.
i'm so glad we had this time together.
now i just need them to travel north to visit us.:)
thanks for a wonderful day nicolle.
later that night we went out to dinner with some friends from dave's work.
we went to javier's and the food and atmosphere were awesome.
but the big hit of the night was by far the salsa verde.
this stuff is amazing.!!!
(lucky for us we found the recipe when we got home. we are having it again tonight with dinner you MUST make it!)
we ate and shopped and ate some more and then it was already time to go home.
it was a fast trip but a wonderful one too.
we really need to get away more often!:)
we were welcomed home by three happy girls and two happy parents...they were happy to take their list of dates and times and places to be and throw it in the trash i think. not easy coming out of retirement to care for a house of three active girls.:) but everyone had fun so i guess that means they'll do it again some time if we ask real nicely...right?!?!:)
it was my mom's birthday the day we got home so we had some take out thai and ice cream cake.

happy birthday mimi!

so what else have we been up to?
valentines day happenings and class party planning.
talent show preparations and play date arranging.
(both girls have blown me away with their desire to be in the talent show this year!! riley and a friend are playing the clarinet and janey and a friend are dancing. where oh where did they get this thrill for being on stage and performing...certainly not from me!:)) i'm so proud of them!!!
girl scout activities and outings
and all the rest of the little things that make up our lovely simple life.
i love it all.

i must say that i have missed you all and even typing this jumbly post (which took me two days) has got me excited about hearing from all of you again and catching up on your lives.
thanks for hanging in with me and continuing to come back.:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. happy mail
2. pandora
3. almonds and chocolate chips (thanks mom)
4. aubrey's love notes
5. it's 45 today


  1. HI CINDY!!!! I'm so happy for you and your away weekend, and your snuggly time with your little away from blogging, and your bday with your mom, and all of that other stuff :) Always wanting to stop the clock and savor it all. Taking a break sure helps but I agree, it's always so hard to get back into it! Enjoy your day! Hugs to you, tara

  2. Yay! I checked my dashboard and Cindy was there! Missed you, friend. Having said that, I completely agree with you and understand how blurred the line between living life and blogging about that life can become sometimes.

    So gad you had a chance to meet blogger friends in real life! That must have so neat...glad your getaway was successful, and know just how happy you were to return.

    Always know, dear friend, when you leave, we will be right here when you get back! You can't get rid of us that easily!

  3. Your weekend away sounds wonderful!! How fun that you got to meet Megan.

    Little blog breaks are nice. Sometimes I feel stressed trying to post something when the kids are doing homework or when I have other things I should be doing.

  4. Hey Cindy! Please ignore my previous comment when I asked if you were going to blog about your trip to TX, you have here already! Sounds like a great time was had but I bet it was good to get home to your sweet babies too!
    I am so happy to have caught up with what's been happening in your lives lately. So great you had a wonderful Christmas together and so good to see all of your adorable pictures. I always enjoy your blog Cindy, it is so refreshing and real and it ranks as one of my absolute favourites!! You guys are such a beautiful family...Happy 2013 to you all xoxo

  5. I love that pink sky that you captured. You already know how much I loved your visit. So much fun. Love you guys dearly. I love salsa verde very much, ate it all the time when I was pregnant with Boyd, thought he'd come out loving it...as much as I ate it. :) I will check out that recipe. I adore that print you gave your mom for her birthday. Where did you get it?? I might need one of those. So glad to see your post. Enjoy your weekend. xo

  6. Watching the girls was fun. We were always checking and rechecking the cheat sheet to make sure we got where we needed to be on time with extra little sticky notes everywhere.
    I think Aubrey wants an iPad for Christmas!! Ask her about all the yoga poses she learned. How I wish I was that flexible.
    Birthday celebration was special!! :-}

  7. Watching the girls was fun. We were always checking and rechecking the cheat sheet to make sure we got where we needed to be on time with extra little sticky notes everywhere.
    I think Aubrey wants an iPad for Christmas!! Ask her about all the yoga poses she learned. How I wish I was that flexible.
    Birthday celebration was special!! :-}

  8. Hi Cindy! I'm so glad you and Nicolle and Meghan had a wonderful meeting! You three are just so genuine...I can't imagine it being anything but awesome. So nice that you and your husband took that work opportunity to get away. I am feeling like I could use a little time away with my hubby right about now!
    I totally know what you mean about blogging....sometimes I just want to stay away from the computer...time seems to be passing by so quickly and I don't want to miss a second of it! I think I'm just about ready though to start up the old blog again....we'll see!
    Stay warm this weekend!

  9. I am so happy to hear that your time in Dallas was great. Thanks for taking the time and dealing with the crazy construction mess to meet us. I loved our time together and look forward to doing it again! Also happy to hear that the girls did great and that being away was a success for all. And I always vote for snuggles!
    Off to check out that salsa verde! XXOO!