{Insta Friday :: week 5-6}

::happy friday friends::
we are all a flutter preparing for dance performances, valentines day, talent shows and a weekend filled with concerts and soccer.
::here's a quick peek at our week::
i love yummy treats...even if their are barely any blueberries in there.:)
i love my emotional janey.
we spent a lot of time talking, snuggling and saying goodbye before we headed to dallas.
there were tears.
lots of tears.
we took a picture to remember the love.
i love lunch with friends.
i love trying new places...but sorry in and out...i think five guys still has my heart.
i love chocolate milk shakes.
without the cherry of course.
i love handsome dinner dates.
i love our park rides.
i love these two...
...and this one.
i love nutella and strawberries on pink heart shaped plates.
i love spring.
hurry please!
i love girly giggles.
i love three year old masterpieces.
hope your week was a wonderful one!
have a happy day,


  1. I love how much you love your life! : )

  2. I 'love' all the things that made your week a wonderful one :)
    Have a great weekend Cindy!

  3. I love visiting your little happy blog! Great moments always captured over here!

  4. Enjoy your 'all a flutter' things this weekend. We had a bunch planned too but everything is shut down at least for Saturday! I think just opening the door with all this snow will take part of the day! I love your week in pictures and that you are in so many of them. Have a great weekend Cindy! PS~ Five Guys is the best! We have a new one opening up less than a mile from us... I in trouble! :)

  5. I love lunch with friends too. :)
    Great picture of you and Dave!
    I was hoping you'd love In N Out like we do. It's definitely a totally different taste than Five Guys. I'm glad you tried it out!
    Love Aubrey's drawing.
    You always capture the sweetest moments.
    enjoy your weekend.

  6. Looks like a great week to me.
    Looks like you were at in n out...one of our favorites. A chocolate milkshake without the cherry...no the cherry is my favorite part.;)
    I love dinner dates with handome men as well.:)
    Have a great weekend Cindy~

  7. I love those blueberries as well, and I make myself feel less guilty with the BLUEBERRY part of them.