i see a light at the end of this sickness tunnel.
i ran up and down the stairs a few times this morning carrying a laundry basket and didn't have to sit down to catch my breath.

i see smiles and a little activity stirring in this lazy house of ours.
the girls actually had lunch in the kitchen instead of sacked out on the sofa.
the tv is off and the puzzles are out.

i am having this soup for lunch.
(dave used kale this time instead of greens. we like to cook it a loooong time...it gets creamier and yummier!)
i had it every day this week actually and i LOVE it.
it makes me happy.

dave has a work dinner tonight and the girls and i are getting take-out.
the thought of a bubbly bad for you soda is getting me through yet another lazy day of coughs and too much tv.

we have ice and snow coming this afternoon.
i am glad that tomorrow is friday.
ready for a weekend do over.:)

hows your day?

have a happy one,

 {thankful for}
1. a warm home to heal us
2. friends to bring us goodies
3. how close we live to our girls school
4. lots and lots of puzzles
5. health


  1. Hi there...sooo glad you are on the mend, Cindy. I know EXACTLY what you mean...it is always a good thing when the sick days end and you can get back to normal. And enjoy the take out...yummy food and soda plus no clean up...true joy! Happy almost weekend!

    P. S. What soup are you loving?

  2. So glad you're all feeling better. I wish we lived closer Cindy and we could go get a big bowl of Pannera soup! That would make you feel better :))

  3. you are so sweet traci!!
    and yes a big bowl of panera soup with you would make me feel better!!:)
    miss you girl and i wish i could reply to your posts!!:)
    the email i had for you is no longer working!!:(

  4. Oh Cindy, sometimes I think the lingering "almost better" is harder than the first few days of fevers. I had to laugh at your "didn't have to sit down with the laundry" part. :)
    I sure do hope your ALL on the mend and that by this weekend you'll all look at each other saying, "sick? when were we sick?" Hope there's some Dave's pizza and some kitchen dancing in your weekend ahead. Thinking of you and how hard it is for mama to be sick... tara

  5. Happy you are starting to feel better. When house is sick you have the feeling that it will NEVER go away.

    Now you have me thinking of a soda!! I am trying to limit myself to 1 a weeek and am not doing a good job at it.

    Enjoy your weekend

  6. Our day yesterday was good, although Boyd was a big toot while we played outside, and he pushed all of my buttons. :) I'm glad the sickness is leaving your home, and I love the sweet pictures you took. I hope your takeout was yummy, and that you got that soda!