{Insta Friday :: week 7-8}

::happy friday friends::
we are feeling better and janey is back at school today.
i must say we miss her.
a lot.
aubrey is till in cuddle couch mode so she is missin her snuggle-lovin sister a bunch.
aubrey and i are hoping to muster up enough courage to venture out for a few snowy park shots later.
this fl girl is not a fan of winter driving that's for sure.
get ready for lots of sleeping baby shots...partly cause that's what we did most this week and partly cause i LOVE them and just couldn't resist.:)
::here's a quick peek at our week(s)::

i love pretty soap.
and wandering around target.

aubrey said "poppy has one of these"!
of course they loved that.
 i love mornings that start with love.
i forget what moment they were sharing...but i'll take it.
i love these crazy shots...but goodness i know you MUST be getting tired of seeing them already!:)

not sick yet...just snuggly and cute.
janey was said this morning...so when we went to pick up riley for lunch, we made her a surprise note and taped it in her locker. 
this is aubrey's place of honor at check-out time.
she sits on that little counter near the register enjoying her free cookie and names all the goodies as dave scans them and weighs them.
dave created a new lunchtime favorite for the girls.
a turkey and cheese sandwich on a soft pretzel.
i love yummy bbq.
especially when you don't have to leave home to get it.
the smoked brisket and slaw were amazing.

favorite pudding in our house.
seriously the best.

fluffy new kitchen towels make me happy.

my flushed cheek and fevery sweetie.
every day this week after lunch we would lay down and she would say, "i can't keep my eyes open".  she'd fight for a few minutes then finally give in.

we are growing san marzano tomatoes.
homemade sauce one step further.
this book saw a LOT of action this week.

this never happens...so double sigh.

but she's back!
and ready for rocker day!!

peace out!
hope your week was a wonderful one,



  1. Always love your photos, Cindy. ...don't ever stop sharing them. Thank Dave for the yummy lunch idea...and have a great weekend, friend!

  2. Love the lunch idea. I am always looking for new ideas!
    Happy you are all feeling better.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I could NEVER get tired of sleeping baby shots, never! Nor the sister car ones! Delightful! So glad everyone is feeling better!!! ~tara

  4. I love these sweet pictures of your week!
    I'm glad the girls are feeling better.
    Dave's pretzel sandwich is one I would love!
    I just bought the yellow handsoap at Target. It took me forever to pick one out!
    Happy Weekend Cindy!

  5. The pretzel sandwich looks so good, and like something fun to eat.
    I hope everyone in your house is 100% well by now. Sweet pictures of the girls here!