{Haircuts, Stuff and Two Videos}

hello there.
happy tuesday.
today we are getting a wintry mix of rain, freezing rain and snow.
sounds lovely right?:)
how 'bout you?
the snow is falling in big fluffy flakes right now.
that kind i love.


two weeks ago...before we were all struck with the sickies...aubrey got a haircut.

i'm not sure who enjoyed it more really.
these two were so excited to see aubrey get her new do.
i am envisioning lots of foursomes to the hair salon in our future.

oh how i love these three.
well, just when i thought we were in the clear illness wise...we got hit this weekend with pink eye, an ear infection and a uti.:(( ugh ugh double ugh!!
feeling very thankful for antibiotics these days.
my latest mantra is ..."this too shall pass!":)

today aubrey and i braved the slush and picked up riley for lunch.
we shared a mango smoothie and chatted.
i love these little moments together in the middle of their day.
i wish we were together for lunch every day, but i know they need/want time with their friends too.
riley goes to middle school next year (gulp!) i hope our little routine braves the change.

this is aubrey sharing the details of our day.
stuffy nose voice and all.:)

as you can tell by the frequency in which she mentioned "watching a show" we are in tv detox over here. 8 solid days of shows in your jammies will do that to you. we are remembering how to actually play and paint and do puzzles over here.:)

and here is one of riley and janey's evening concerts.
they played several songs where janey hit the drum or sang...this one cracks me up...the beat boxing and the "other stuff" janey is doing makes me laugh!!:)

have a happy day,


  1. Just starting to get that freezing rain and ice here, Cindy. The kids thank you for sending it our way! Hoping for a delay tomorrow morning!

    And what can I say about your beautiful daughters? Little Miss Aubrey looks so sweet with her hair cut, and how proud and excited were her sisters?! Good work Mom! : )

    Love the videos sooo much...thanks for putting a voice to your words, dear friend! : )

  2. Love the first picture...it could be framed! I love looking at the snow just not being in it.

    I am so sorry you can not get rid of the sickness in your home. If feels like some winters the sick bug just flys in and stays. ;)

    Love the videos

  3. Ah, snow...it looks so beautiful and cozy! I wish it snowed more here in Texas. Your girls are just too sweet Cindy. I hope everybody gets well and stays well!

  4. Love the videos! Cute!
    We were hoping for one more little day of snow here in Texas, but it looks like winter is coming to an end without any. I am ready for summer, but some snow is always fun.
    Hope all is well!

  5. Fun videos. I love hearing Aubrey talk. It's just the age, but everything they say is so dang cute!

  6. I've never heard anything cuter than that video... she is just as precious as can be! And a lovely hair cut too! What I'd do for her shiny, bouncy, pretty hair! No one ever told me that hair does weird stuff as you age... oh well! Anyway, darling girls you have! Please germs.... stay away from that house!