today is a good day.
we are...dare i say...almost back to normal with just a few lingering coughs boggin us down.
everyone woke up happy and despite the rainy, yucky, dreary, wintry mess outside we are all smiles and sunshine inside. it doesn't always work that way ya know. my moods are most days tied too closely to what's going on outside...so when these days pop up we grab 'em and hold on tight.

we missed panera and the library last week.
it was cute to see some of our "grandpa's" and our favorite "bagel getter" again and have them say "where've you been??" aubrey acts shy sometimes, but i think she secretly likes all the attention.

the little learning light bulb has really clicked on for aubrey these days.
she is asking about words and writing in her notebook.
of course i love that!!!
it's been awhile since i helped anyone "stretch" their words out to hear the sounds and write them down. i really do live for this stuff and it's one of the things i miss most about being out of the classroom.

today at story time, we read books about penguins and polar bears.
we sang and danced and played with the parachute.
i talked to our favorite librarian afterwards...trying to convince her to move story time to thursdays.
if not, preschool will pull us away come fall and this will be our last year.:(
don't even get me started on that.

 trying to catch a snowflake

 janey has been wanting me to read to her at night lately.
not chapter books, read alouds.
she picks three of her old favorite books and we snuggle up together under the covers.
anything to make her feel "little" i think.:)
that's way better in my book then doing things to feel older and more grown up, so of course i'm loving every minute of it.

i made sure to get her a big stack of new ones to choose from today too.

i think this one was my favorite.
i love jan brett and how she tells a story within a story with her illustrations along the borders of each page. this one is just beautiful.
aubrey and i are really loving this new series by beth bracken.
so sweet and simple and perfectly easy for little ones to relate to.
the illustrations are charming too.
we made it through the day with very little tv, which is a good thing.
although someone is cuddled up under a ballerina blanket watching sophia the first right now...we did pretty good.
since she was sick, she has gone to bed every night between 6:30 and 7 and i think this late afternoon rest time is really what she needs to be happier come dinner time.:) and that is a very good thing.
so how was your wednesday?
good things?
have a happy day,

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  1. Glad you are getting all better, Cindy. It is hard to get back to the regular schedule, isn't it...

    I love your love of reading, and Little Miss Aubrey is quite the student there! Must be the awesome teacher! ; )

    Have you two ever tried ABCmouse.com? Flynn loves it, and it is really good.

    Ok, hope you have a wonderful Thursday, friend!