quite creative with my post titles these days right?

this morning we had to pop into the book store to pick up two birthday gifts.
aubrey was all excited and said she wanted to buy a book.
all by herself.
with her own money.

we found her ladybug purse, counted her dollars and loaded it up.
she was so very excited.
"do big girls buy their own books mommy?"

oh how i love the bookstore.
i could literally spend the whole day here.
funny thing is...i'd never leave the children's section.

if i could have any other job on the planet it would be a children's book store owner.
just like the "shop around the corner" in the movie you've got mail.
remember that place?
here's some pictures just in case you don't.:)

all those books.
the twinkly lights.

they had all the springy, eastery books out.
you know how i'm ready for spring right?
now i'm really ready.

it was funny...on the way home aubrey asked me where big girls go to learn things.
i told her school...just like little girls...and that mommys and daddys can go to school too. it's called college.
she said "oh good mommy...i'm gonna go to college someday too...and i know...we can go together.
but we won't live there like steve (blue's clues)...we'll come home every night.

when we headed out to get janey for lunch aubrey was playing with an empty cereal box that she brought along in the car. she made up a game...what's hiding in the box. she put one of our medicine syringes in there and gave me clues to try and guess...after i got it right she said..."ok...now hand me something else to put in the box...but don't look.":) ha ha
we had lots of fun with that game and janey even played along too.
she's a good little clue giver!:)

when we drove through the park we stopped to admire our semi-frozen lake.
janey said "it looks so peaceful and pristine."

i think i agree.

this was the soundtrack to our day.
i love every single song on that cd.
who am i kidding...i love every. single. one. of his cd's.
childhood in a song for sure. (am i right tara??:))

so how was your thursday?
listen to any good tunes?

have a happy day,


  1. When you open you bookstore, can I please, please, please be your manager? : )

  2. I agree completely! I'd love to have a little cozy bookstore :-) I can't believe how much Aubrey has grown!
    Have a lovely evening.


  3. We had a Borders in our town and I loved going there. I loved the music they played and that the had a coffee shop inside the store.
    Love the picture of the frozen lake.

  4. Well then, you and I just need to start drawing up plans for our bookstore/coffee shop! :)