{Insta Friday :: week 9}

::happy friday and happy march friends::
this weekend feels way over due for us.
it's finally here and we are thrilled.
dave's been swamped at work so he needs it most of all i think.
riley is at a sleepover tonight and we miss her terribly but janey and i have big plans to snuggle up with season one of little house on the prairie and then later i'm curling up to finally begin season one of downton abbey.
i am super excited about that. in my usual style i am years behind what's "cool and in",
but better late then never i guess.
dave says....hmmm...little house and downton...looks like a snoozer tv night for me!:)
::here's a quick peek at our week::
 such the studious one.
jumping into homework right after a snack works best for us.
what works best in your home?
puzzle queen

aubrey loves play doh...let me introduce you to my homemade cake complete with straw candles, cheese pizza she rolled out, tossed in the air like daddy and baked under the chair, and an elephant in a pink cage at the zoo. she also made pink and yellow worms for her imaginary pony rainbow to eat.:)

we call this the spooky scraggly tree.
we see it every time we walk into school.
come on already spring!

i have been answering the same silly question every morning for months.
who's this??
they always want to know whose on their flinstone's vitamin.:)
i think it's time we watch an old episode on you tube don't ya think?
riley fell at soccer this week and hurt her wrist.
we spent a few hours at the doctors today but i am happy to report it was only a contusion.
nothing a new cushy wrist brace from walgreens can't fix.

would this bug you?
aubrey can loose a sock mid morning and walk around like this the rest of the day.
i find it rather funny:)
hope your week was a wonderful one,



  1. I love that spooky tree, but I am right there with you, come on spring!
    I am glad that Riley's wrist is ok.
    Love the playdoh creations!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Love Little House on DVD...I remember Monday nights at 8 in my house...my sisters and I were all crushing on Albert!

    We do homework right after snack too. Peyton is all over it, while Rhett needs a bit more encouragement...such a good feeling to "pack up your backpack" and set them by the door!

    Love the vitamin thing! We do the same...back in the day we had Sesame Street...now we are onto Scooby Do. No one likes the purple ones here, so we always end up with a bottle of those to finish off!

    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  3. Oh love the spooky tree!

    Juliana does the same thing with the socks...so crazy!

    Have a great weekend!