{Salsa, Chicken Tacos and Fiesta Stuffed Peppers}

do i have your mouth watering with that title yet??:)
i was lucky enough to get to eat all those goodies this weekend...sorry you only get to read about them. but don't worry...recipes included.:)

remember when we visited javier's in dallas and stumbled up on that amazing salsa verde recipe??
well dave made the habanero salsa this weekend.
this stuff is amazing.
and that is saying a lot cause i usually love dave's homemade salsa anyway.
he also agreed this one was over the top and so much easier. (his words!:))

dave did substitute a jalapeno for the habanero so that i could eat it.
what a guy!:) but other then that he pretty much followed the recipe.
the corn oil adds such a new dimension. it's pretty amazing.
all my spice loving friends out there...please make this salsa!!:)

bad picture...yummy salsa.

and if that wasn't enough for a saturday, he then took a chicken he had brined over night, split it in half and roasted it. made some fresh guacamole and created one of my all time favorite meals.

chicken tacos!
then...on sunday he used the same salsa and mixed it with rice and ground beef and made fiesta stuffed peppers.
super yum too!

so did i convince you yet??
now go try that salsa!
have a happy day,


  1. I can't stand it ~ stuffed peppers are my all time favorite~ I've said it before but just so it's clear to you and to Dave... one of these days I'm knocking on your door around dinner time! Really... I am! :)

    Hope you're having an awesome week!!

    PS ~ Can I ask a favor? Will you to a 'how the pick up at school day for lunch dates got started and how you do it' post... please? I'm still not good at it. Do always take Riley and Janey when it's their turn out to eat but then I think I've seen a bunch of car or park picnics. I need the motivation.

  2. Fiesta stuffed peppers!!! Why oh why have I never thought of that?? We love stuffed peppers...only I just make regular ones with some tomato sauce and mozzarella...

    So these will be made at once!!! Thank you Dave and Cindy!! And if Tara gets to come, then so do I, right? : )

  3. Oh my, you are tempting me with all of this food. It all looks amazing! I want some of that salsa, right this second. I'm hooked on the salsa recipe that I use, but I will definitely try this one out! If I wasn't extremely lazy today, I would head to the grocery store right now!
    Thanks for sharing these recipes.

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