{soaking up the rays in sunny fl}

it's just me.
popping in after goodness knows how long.
seems like forever really...

my best friends mom passed away on the 7th and time has done a dance between standing still and racing on since then.
that week was spent making plans to leave and getting things in "order".
which a funeral will tell you quickly... there really is no "order".:)

i am not a fan of sad.
no one is i'm guessing.
but i really don't like it.
never catch me even watching a sad movie these days.
so it was hard being confronted with it all.
all that thinking.
all that evaluating.
your own parents funeral.
your kids at your own funeral.
any way you look at it...ugh!
but i made it and i'm so glad i went.

it was good to be with my girlfriends again, even though times were anything but happy.
we vowed that next time we are together there would be spa trips, moscato, magazines and dinners out.:) i've got my sights set on that about now.

came back to town and dave left for a work trip...then his mom came to visit...and the girls were on spring break...yeah...you get the point.:)

hoping to catch up on your life and mine soon!

have a happy day,


  1. Ummmm do I know you?! ;) Just kidding friend! It is funny...I was just thinking about you today. For real. I almost emailed you, but then I got busy and then I thought it might be stalker-ish to intrude on your "real" life...Would it have been? : )

    So very sorry about your friend's mom...I am sure you helped her heart heal by being there...

    Have a wonderful day! : )

    P. S. You were missed!

  2. Sorry for your friends loss and for your sadness. I know how you feel. We have had a number of funeral ourselves in the past 4 months....just sadness. I like to keep things on the lighter/happier side and so this has been a tough time. It definitely reminds us what's really important and to make the most of those times. Although I'd prefer not to be reminded...I already know. ;)
    Glad you're back. BTW, guess how many days we get this year for spring break? 1 day. Good Friday. Can't hardly call it spring break!

  3. Sorry for your
    friend. No matter how old we are it's so hard to lose a Mom. Good to hear from you though!!!

  4. So glad to see your beautiful face in my blog feed. I was wondering what was happening with you these days...sorry to hear that life has been hard on you and your loved ones. Death sure can sneak up and pull the floor out from underneath you. But it also helps us to place things in their proper priority...glad to know that you & your friends are making dates for some fun!

  5. Welcome back and Happy Easter Week! ~tara

  6. Hi Cindy! I am so very sorry to hear of the sad loss of your friend's mum. I completely understand you not being a fan of sad, it is draining. I hope you start to see more sunny, happier days and joyful moments all around you real soon.
    I am looking forward to catching up on your previous posts soon, but it is so good to pop over here now just to say hi and happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!! xo

  7. Hi friend! Missed you dearly. Love ya bunches. I am sure your best friend felt a lot of comfort having you there with her. Those are hard times. Sending a prayer!
    I'm feeling the extra busyness of life lately too. I'm not keeping up well. I have been extra snappy.
    Must Slow Down.

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