{Talent Show, Baking and Ma's Visit}

backtracking just a bit and catching up on some of the things this little blogger has missed.
our little town held it's second annual talent show a few weeks back.
both of the girls did a little number with a friend.
it was such a fun night.


they both had so much fun and it was such an encouraging environment, i think there might be a few more of these in our future.
dave kept the girls busy while i was in florida.
it was great coming home to not one but two kinds of homemade cookies.
and he even took pictures.

we loved our visit with ma.
there was lots of puzzle making, song singing, story telling, movie snuggling, and game playing goin on those few days.
 and we even squeezed in a month early birthday celebration.

goodbyes are always hard.
we love and miss you...come back and visit soon ma.

have a happy day,



  1. How funnn! The girls look great in their talent show routines...And I love visits with Grammie... : )

  2. Aw, Janey and Riley look so cute at the talent show. What a neat thing for them to participate in. I love that Dave took pictures while you were gone! :) And, what a sweet visit from Ma. I meant to say earlier in one of your posts, you guys sure are puzzle lovers! I get so frustrated with puzzles. I wish I loved them.
    Have a great day friend!