{Happy Happy Easter}

happy Easter everyone.
hope your day was beautiful.

we colored eggs.
hunted for baskets.
rejoiced at church and had a yummy, yummy dinner.

we even managed to make an impromptu stop at the park on the way home from church for a "photo shoot". i put that in quotes cause it's kind of laughable. but it's the first time i have picked up my big camera in months and it felt soooooo good. we were unmatched and most of us were unbrushed (hair not teeth!) but i think the pictures are just perfect. and there are a loooooooot of them so get ready.

so here is our Easter in 200 pictures or less!:)


Easter morning the girls got dressed for church and then read their letter from the easter bunny.
according to the letter, they had to hunt for their eggs and then decode the secret message hidden in their eggs.
one letter per egg.
that was quite a message.
what on earth was that easter bunny thinking?(!!!)


we couldn't even figure it out.
i think that had a little something to do with the wine we had with our neighbors saturday evening....

much to the dismay of  2/3 of our daughters, we had to table the hidden message (and hence the finding of the baskets) and get to church.
there were tears and rather grumpy hearts but we made it.
and half way to church it hit daddy...."underneath" not "under".
silly i know.....

of course we still had to wait till we got home to solve and find, but it made for a much happier car ride to church.

that was a happy moment...
baskets, plus a little somethin from us.

**harry potter**
something about these peeks into opening gifts...
i love the look on all their faces.

funny...aubrey is still on her basket and those two are about done with their gift bags.
oh to be "young" and not in a hurry!!:)

everything aubrey opened she clutched to her heart and said..."ahhhhhhh...i LOVE it!"


daddy made us the most delicious dinner.
and here we are...showered before dinner, wet hair not brushed yet and some in our jammies....cause that's just how we roll!
 here are some of my faves from the "photo shoot".
this technically happened between the tabled secret message and the opening of the baskets.
are you still with me??:)


this was funny...aubrey picked up that huge stick and said "look, i'm a deer!"
we all cracked up!

i told them to swing their hair around and look over their shoulder...the outtakes for this one are comical!:)




janey was lovin this...can you tell??

it was a wonderful Easter!
 have a happy day,


  1. Hi Cindy!!!!! I love love love love all of your pictures and I soaked in every one of them! I do think my favorite is the two of you at the end. (sweet) Looks like you had a wonderful weekend together. The girls all looked so happy! (love that Harry Potter) Oh and Aubrey's face holding her new flower spring hair clips... love! Thanks for sharing all of the little things about your day. Happy Easter! love, tara

  2. Your Easter looks wonderful, Cindy!!! Your girls are so sweet and the pictures are perfect...I love your family! : )

  3. Such sweet pictures Cindy! It sounds like you had a great Easter. I like the message to find the baskets. The kids have to search for their baskets here as well.

  4. Your photo shoot turned out really great. I love the girls' dresses, and that last pic of you and Dave is so good. It looks chilly, but sunny, and perfect for pictures. I'm glad it was a wonderful Easter. We still have not dyed eggs with Boyd, maybe next year. :)

  5. Should have said, I love the girl's dresses AND jeans for the photoshoot. :) Very cute!