{Insta Friday :: week 10-14}

::happy friday friends:
wow...has it really been four weeks since i did one of these?
i guess it has...last time it was happy march and today...well it's april already!:)
::here's a quick peek at our weeks(s)::
 sweet, sweet janey snuggled up under her owly blankie with babi close by.
as usual
i live in a house of puzzle queens.
breakfast smiles
scootering inside because it's cold out...notice the vacuum hose left out as an "obstacle"
princess aubrey watches princess sophia
hiding in the coat closet with janey's ipod
texting her friends
i wonder what that would have been like?!?!?!
she loves to help daddy in the kitchen
getting ready
but lets not talk school k?
chicken tacos with homemade salsa and quac
bbq chicken pizza
creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches made into croutons

lunch time smiles
 aubrey and i were sitting on the sofaenjoying one of our favorite snacks...
pretzels and chocolate chips.
she glanced up at me so nonchalantly and i was like,
"aubrey what in the world happened to your face?"
boy did we laugh.
(and take a pic of course!) 
 out shopping with jane at one of our favorite garden stores
check out these cute little fairy homes
tara...would your girls love these too or what??:)
the girls had talent show practice right after dance so we grabbed a quick bite in between
as i looked over i saw them sitting at the table so grown up and chatting.
made me think of all the times they will do that as they get older.
forever friends.
when i asked them what they were doing here, they said..."janey is reading my mind and guessing the number i am thinking of...try it ...it really works!"
sure enough it did.:)
lost in a book
 still feels like home
in the atlanta airport
first one
thanks jodi for telling what in the world to order.
it was warm and yummy and just what i needed.
 happy mail from a special friend
aubrey drew a picture of my dad.
she said he has just a little bit of hair.
 the girls love this old kindergarten picture of me my mom gave them.
what do you think??
 my three favorite girls in my very favorite place.
try it
snugglin on the sofa sending videos to mimi
riley's favorite (and she took the pic)
vanilla with nerds
 dinner with my girls at my other favorite place.
 daddy's out of town.
she's a keeper.
 janey takes her "caught reading over spring break" photo to the typical silly janey place.
aubrey's first snowman she made all by herself.
she named him scarfy.
she has other talents too.
like making masterpieces out of playdoh.
check out this bumble bee.
i'm impressed!:)
more lunchtime smiles
counting robins in the backyard.
there were five.
like us.
they're sharing again.
and i never did show you riley's room after we redid it did i??
bad blogger!!:(
well...there's some of it.
kind of a bit disjointed now that everything is moved around, but we still love it.
maybe next week we'll do a real post?!?!?!:)
thanks to my sister in law who sent a huge box of clothes for aubrey.
she had a dress, a skirt and a nightgown on here.
and yes she wore them to get janey for lunch!:)
but i love wonky dressed little girls!:)
when we got home i said..."let's vacuum."
she asked how come.
i said "vacuuming makes mommy happy."
she asked what else makes me happy and i said "kisses from you".
she said "well then, let's kiss instead!"
and we did.
then we vacuumed!!:)
i love these drives home.
usually raffi is blasting and aubrey is singing.
 and the last few days the windows have been down too.
i think she's here.
hope your week was a wonderful one,


  1. Oh yes, that kindergarten picture of you, totally Aubrey! Love it. Dave does it again....grilled cheese sandwiches turned into croutons. That does it. I'm moving in. :) I laughed b/c the first time I ordered a coffee in a restaurant, I had to call my sister to help me order. And, you know I love Moscato too!
    Sweet, sweet pictures.

  2. The one of janey reading in the snow...priceless!

  3. Reading in the snow...my fav too. Their room is precious. And the pic of you in kindergarten...your girls all look like you.

  4. Love the bedroom...post please? And you and Aubrey with the chocolate...love. it. Oh, who am I kidding...I love it all! : )

  5. Love the girls room. What color did you paint the walls? We are in the LONG process of buying a new home and I love that color for Isabella's room.
    Was that your first Starbucks? What did you think? I visit our Starbucks way to many times a week. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oh nooooo... I see Riley!!!! Riley all the way!

    Love the lost in a book. Love the fairy homes and yes I'd be stuck there forever while the looked at it!

    Loved your chocolate nose Aubrey!

    Oh that bbq chicken pizza... not fair!

  7. Aww such a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your week with us in pictures Cindy :)
    You have the sweetest family, I always love visiting you here!
    I see Aubrey in that pic of you for sure!! Looks like you all had such a fun filled week...that picture of Janey reading in the snow is awesome, that is dedication lol
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xo

  8. How fun is this post?! Yes, that photo of you looks JUST like Aubrey! You sure have some sweet children and you are one wonderful mama. You remind me to do things with and for my kids that I sometimes forget in the hustle bustle...like taking them lunch and asking what they want to do instead of just telling them. And that snow...holy cow!

  9. Oh, and I am so curious - what did you order at Starbucks?