{Today Was Good}

it's friday.
three smiley girls woke up this morning.
the sun is shining and it's 58 degrees.
this mama is happy.

both of the girls were chosen to perform in the schools multi-cultural program today.
janey is dancing in the irish dance and riley has a drum solo.
something extra special in the middle of their school day always puts a bounce in their step.
i get that.

and speaking of something special...riley got first chair for clarinet yesterday!!!!!!!!!
she was so so SO happy!
i love seeing her so thrilled about that.
she practices a lot.
and i'm glad it is paying off for her.
that makes me happy.

aubrey has been dressing herself in the morning when the big girls get ready for school.
it's just so cute to see her over there by the fireplace with her clothes all laid out "like a person" on the floor. she struggles to get those jammies off then wiggles into her clothes and pulls those pants up and they are usually all bunchy around the waist but i love it. today she was all giggles and smiles as i tickled those cute little "not quite baby" toes. i always want to remember them poking out of those springy leggings. toe nails all crooked and uneven...

today we popped in for a little visit to the preschool she may be attending next year. we missed the formal open house (don't get me started...this "thought i had it all together and it was only march" mama missed it by two weeks!) she loved playing with the babies of course. she seemed so little too me in that BIG place...sigh...

we went to lunch afterwards to celebrate/cry:)

i see this flag in our park every single day but have never taken a picture of it.
i love it.
today it looked extra pretty and magical whipping there in the wind against that beautiful blue sky.

spring has sprung all over our mantle.
finally ordered myself another gingham bunting.
i moved my last one up to riley's room and i have really been missing it.
this view in our home makes me very, VERY happy!

this weekend we are planning to:
ride bikes
hem and hang living room curtains
clean out the garage
cheer riley on at soccer
watch harry potter
and who knows what else...but with this weather does it really matter?!:)

hope your weekend is a lovely one,


  1. I love your Spring mantel too! I hope you see more and more sun as the weeks go by, that snow day you had sure looked cold!!
    The flag picture is very pretty and good on Janey for doing so well with her Clarinet :)
    Your weekend sounds like a busy yet fun one spent with the ones you love. You are such a great mum Cindy!!
    Have a great Saturday xo

  2. Your spring mantel looks amazing!! I am doing one too this year, but I am waiting for some things I ordered to come. I usually just leave my Easter one up but since Easter was so early this year...

    I really need to work on letting Flynn do more things like dressing herself...Yay Aubrey!!! I am still dressing poor little Flynn. I guess I am not admitting to myself that she is not... dare I say ...still a baby. Thanks for the nudge, dear friend! You are such a wonderful mommy!!!

  3. I love your mantle.. so spring!!!! What's a gingham bunting? Love the wreath! Congratulations to Riley... yeah for her! Sorry about the preschool thing... there are no words really... I'm not the best at offering words of advice to help here. It's just plain sad! I adore Abigail's Kindergarten class and teacher but I'd way rather have her home with me. So bad... but sometimes I get excited when she doesn't feel well so I can keep her home and baby her... do puzzles, watch Little Bear, cuddle, read books.... okay too sad! I always 'want' another one but Scott tells me I'd fell this way if I had ten kids! Anyway, hang in there and keep us posted!

    PS~ Mice from the bird feeder???!!! You know I'm freaked out now... but I do love having it. When Abigail sees a bird she says, "mommy, there's one of YOUR bird friends" Love it! Get one!

  4. oh, I see.. it's that flag thing going across... love it! esty?

  5. Aw, preschool...what a journey it is to prepare our hearts for that. She will love it, and you will too...it just takes some preparing, huh?
    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Hopefully you made progress on that garage. I have been meaning to get to ours for awhile now!
    LOVE your spring mantle...how fun is that bunting??!!

  6. Your mantle is absolutely adorable! Hope you are having a great week!