yesterday felt like friday and
today feels like monday again!
how did that happen?:)

it was a big beginning of the week for us.
janey's lovely teacher celebrated her birthday on tuesday so room mom duties kicked in.
the kids brought in homemade cards and we gave her this book  with this little label added to the back.

she loved it.

then wednesday janey had her harry potter book report and her "how to" presentations due.
she wanted to go out with a book report bang so we went all out.
we braided her hair and she dressed in a borrowed cloak to get that full hermione look.
she brought in the soundtrack to play in the background during her presentation too.
this girl knows how to put on a show.

for her "how to" project she made caramel brownies.
so of course we needed three plates of brownies for the kids to sample.

did i mention that wednesday felt like friday.

dave was out of town that night so we went to panera for dinner.
we had a great time.
hangin, chattin and celebrating that all the weekly happenings were o.v.e.r.!!
in the car on the way home riley out of the blue says..."i love you guys!...and daddy too of course"
it was just the sweetest thing ever.
it really made my week.
i know how it feels to have those unexpected feelings of love just overtake you and i am glad the girls are learning the importance of sharing them.:)

we are definitely living up to april showers around here.

sadly i think it might be a few more days before we see the sun.
hope the sun is shining where you are.

have a happy day,


  1. I'm sending any big projects your way, Cindy...tell Janey awesome job! Rainy, rainy, rainy here too...so many squirmy worms on the driveway. Flynn has been singing the squirmy song from Little Bill! : )

  2. Bravo to Janey!!! Your project looks AMAZING! (and kudos to mom and dad for all the extra help... I know all about those projects... that give us a little something extra on our to do list too) :)
    Rain is headed our way for the next couple of days too. And oh the love... I love when they share their love... have a happy Thursday (or whatever day you think it is:)

  3. Sounds like a busy week! Wonderful job on the projects!
    Love the last picture Cindy

  4. I hope it has stopped raining for you. Wow, Janey's project is amazing. Way to go Janey!