{Insta Friday :: week 16}

::happy friday friends::
well...we still have cloudy gray skies, but at least it's not raining.
no it decided to snow instead!
yes, you read that right. only teeny tiny flurries, but flurries nonetheless.
aubrey and i just had to get out today so we went to the book store and browsed and played and read and danced on the stage and ooohed and ahhhhed at all the wonderfully cool toys. our barnes and noble has the most amazing toys...not sure we'll be able to walk really fast passed that section while looking the other way ever again.
::here's a peek at our week::
 ok...i've had four coffees in my life now.
starting to think this might become a problem.
janey and i went on a little date saturday and shared a cookie.
i kept debating getting a warm cup of deliciousness and she kept saying..."oh go ahead...be one of those cool moms that carry around those cups!"
she liked it too...yikes!
 breakfast on monday with daddy before grocery shopping.
i just loved the way that little curl looked against that bright blue jacket.
and oh that grin...
 i don't want to forget this...they were playing "isn't she lovely" by stevie wonder at the grocery store and i sang it to the loveliest three year old i know.
 sandy the "free ride pony" finally got fixed.
 how can yard work with that by your side not be fun?
 teacher bday gift.
printed the label here.
 the one benefit of school day lunch dates in the rain.
 and i don't know about you...but all those squishy wiggly worms all over the place is kind of grossing me out!!!
 my drive home.
 janey our very picky eater who usually never tries anything new tried a taco
and loved them!
 making bird feeders at the library.
 trying one of my favorite desserts wednesday night after panera.
ok, weird i know, but when i worked at the mall when i came home from college every summer and christmas, i would always go to the dq and ask for a sugar cone filled with sno caps.
they charged me 50 cents for the cone and one topping.
and yummy!
they loved them and the story behind it.:)
playing legos at the book store.
we were there for about three hours.
sometimes i feel like this little one gets hurried a lot.
"gotta take the girls to school, gotta go pick up the girls, hurry it's soccer time"
today i was determined to go at her pace and let her lead the day.
it was perfect.
hope your week was wonderful,


  1. Yes Juliana loves stopping to look and pick up worms...every one! Snail as well.

    Oh my only 3 coffees....I LOVE coffee! The other night a show was on and the girl worked in a coffee shop and that was all I could think about.

    Have a wonderful weekend Cindy :)

  2. The squirmy wormy worms! Ugh...our driveway is covered every morning... And I was just thinking about how much longer I will have a little one to push in the cart at the grocery store!! Just last night I was getting all sad about that! And if you don't like coffee...just get hot cocoa and walk around with the cool cup! Happy weekend, friend!

  3. "go her pace and let her lead the day" I love when I make myself do that. Abigail is 5 but still in that oh so slow pace stage. I love it when I let her lead the day. ~ And the coffee? I don't drink coffee either. But sometimes I wish I did. I love the cup too and the smell; just don't like the taste! You (and Scott) are the only other people I know that don't drink coffee. ~ Loved the peek at your week. Thanks for sharing and have a happy weekend friend! ~ PS... Anna got the loveliest letter in the mail today. I didn't really read it (of course) but Anna was all lit up about it! Love that! :) Happy weekend, tara

  4. Lovely pictures! I love the look on Aubrey's face in the "isn't she lovely picture"...and the princess dress, of course.
    And I love Barnes & Noble too...but then again, how could I not, as an English major!
    PS. It's been really hot in Florida, up until today...pouring and kind of chilly for April. It's bound to get better soon, though!

  5. I love it that you are loving coffee. :) Boyd likes to take a sip or two of my sometimes. Love Aubrey's sweet curls, and the ice cream cone story.

  6. hi bee,
    thanks for your sweet comment and my friends have been telling me all about that fl rainy weather...looks like we're all getting it. hope the weekend weather was better.:)
    have a happy day

  7. Hey Cindy! So good to get over here and catch up with you and your beautiful family :) I was admiring your header pictures and thinking how your girls have grown since I started following your blog!
    I loved reading about your day/s, and I was quite surprised you don't drink coffee!? Did you end up liking it when you got one?
    Cute pics as always, and such lovely memories xo