{Weekend Glimpses}

we had a good weekend.
how 'bout you?

our soccer tournament was cancelled at the last moment due to all the rain soaked fields so friday afternoon we were all a flurry inviting friends over, and making plans. i know it was the weather. it was chilly but bea.u.ti.ful out and that energized us all.

some of us had bigger projects then others.

the doors were opening and shutting all weekend and the tv never went on.
the girls spent the majority of their time outside playing with friends, and riding bikes.
it was perfect.

since we had a weekend change of plans and a scheduling conflict pop up later in the month, i headed into the city a few weekends early with my friend for a shopping day in chicago. i call it a shopping day, but it's really more of a looking/chatting/walking/eating day. we always have amazing food on these little excursions . poor dave...he's the foody in the house after all...i'm just along for the ride. i can always find at least 5 things on the menu he would order. at least i take lots of pictures of the food and describe it in great detail. sounds kind of torturous...but he can always  make it better anyways.:)

i never get tired of looking at these buildings.
chicago is such a beautiful place.

i am so grateful for this weekend.
there was so much laughter and smiles and sunshine, and lots of happy girls running around.
including me.:) and we all needed that.


hope your weekend was a wonderful one,
as for those goals of mine from last weekend...
one "big camera post" (this one)
and all 300+ photos put away in albums.
yeah me

this is where i am in my photo albums...baby steps people...baby steps:)
goals this week:
research and possibly print an instagram album
clean up document and picture files on the computer.



  1. Yay for outside weekends, Cindy! So glad you all a spring-y happy weekend...I love your pics...as always! Have a nice day, friend... : )

  2. Cindy! That last photo! Please tell me you have that enlarged hanging front and center in your home! You must...I insist...Love love love!

  3. I'm right there with ya in baby steps Cindy... my albums are about the same year as your last picture there! But at least we blog... right?! It helps me feel better that at least my memories and pictures are getting stored somewhere so that I don't forget. It's just that other things call my attention before I can pick up that photo album... but for sure baby steps!

    Love your kind of weekend... we need one of those here. (the kind where the door is opening and closing all day long... I long for one of those but we're not there in temps yet...

    and of course Dave makes homemade pasta... of course he does! :) Amazing

    Happy for you that you got away with a friend to the big city. Eating with friends is the BEST!

    Here's to a sunshine filled week for you! Hugs, tara

  4. Hi Cindy, I always love checking in with you. Sounds like the perfect weekend at your house. Dave making pasta would be the icing on the cake! How fun that you got to sneak out to Chicago. I love that city too. You are inspiring me now on my own picture project. Are you on Instagram? I just recently joined...it's fun!

  5. Good for you with your picture albums...I am so far behind I don't know where to begin. :(
    Sounds like a great weekend...you got some great pics too. How nice you were able to get away with friends....I need to do that more often.