today was good.
which is so surprising and welcomed really since yesterday was so NOT good.
isn't it funny how things work out that way?

grumpy girls in the morning (really just one who will remain nameless!)
happy turned grumpy mama quickly to follow
hurt feelings
later then normal bedtimes

happy girls in the morning
happy mama stayed happy
cooperation and helpfulness
rainy morning turned to sunny afternoon
early bedtimes...hopefully:)

don't you wish we could pinpoint the "whys" behind days like yesterday.
what was it really?
i guess sometimes all it takes is that one unkind comment or forgotten promise or hurt feeling and it sets off a domino effect that quickly spins out of control.
all i know is yesterday i felt like i had no idea on earth what i was doing and today i've got it all goin on.
go figure.

panera was good.
aubrey went back up all by herself to ask for more butter and our favorite girls behind the counter were so impressed and awed by the cuteness of it all they gave her a free cookie! that made her smile so big. she was so proud of herself. something tells me she'll be volunteering to get things on her own more often.

after story time we headed out to hit the shoe stores. some little one just insists on growing like a weed and nothing fits anymore. we found a pair at our second stop and since that took us to the mall we had to get a pretzel.

and then some little happy as a lark three year old (i keep saying 3 but goodness she'll be 4 in june!) talked me into m&m's from those little candy machines. the same little machines they so strategically place right outside gymboree mind you.

we came home
had lunch
put away mountains of laundry
had a tea party
watched goodnight gorilla
and here we are.

i even took out my real camera for that tea party.
wow...check me out!:)
i hope your day is lovely and if it's more like the kind of day i had yesterday...hang on...i almost guarantee tomorrow will be better.

have a happy day,


  1. Glad your day was better today, Cindy. And I don't know exactly how old your sweet daughters are...but I have one word for you...hormones....Hope you don't mind me saying that...anyway I have 2 of my own and yep...that is what I chalk it up to!

    Be ready friend! It's coming! : ). You're so sweet, I know you will be a champ at the roller coaster that is growing up! Happy Wednesday, friend...

  2. Oh how I love good days!! We had a bad, cranky, attitude kinda day yesterday as well. Those days are not fun at all, especially for mommy ;) We have the exact same tradition of eating at Panera Bread after shopping around our mall!

  3. Oh man!!! I was soooo going to post on something like that today... I started out so yucky and grumpy. (not their fault I have no idea why) but then I spent the whole morning til 12 cooking dinner for an old friend who had a baby. It was a lot of work but somehow doing something for someone else made me happy. I've heard it a million times before but I felt it today. Maybe I'll try that next time... just go do something for someone else... or go shopping at Marshalls... or eat a cookie...

    Anyway, loved hearing that your day today was better. I know that my girls moods do affect me and sometimes I just can't pull out of them. (Anna usually) Good thing we love em so much, right? :) Love the free cookie and brave Aubrey story.

    Have a great night! Love the new shoes Aubrey!

  4. SOunds like a good day-and I always wonder about the same thing-what little thing makes the day start out good/not good....because I want a good day every day but maybe that's asking too much! Love those cute shoes by the way!

  5. Glad today was better....you are right, tomorrow almost always is.
    I can imagine the workers at Panera thought Aubrey was the cutest thing ever.

  6. Oh Cindy we all have those days that's for sure! I love the days where I feel I have it altogether too, where everything runs smoothly and I feel productive. I think if I had one of those M&M machines in my house that you found in the mall, that could almost guarantee no more bad days ;)