{A Tea Party}

yesterday i was downstairs straightening and trying to wrangle the mountain of laundry when i hear aubrey calling me to come upstairs and play. "come have a tea party with me mommy"...sigh...it sounds terrible but i really wanted to get that laundry done, but after a little persuading i went. so glad i did and half way through i went down to grab my camera.

i know there are so many photos here but i just couldn't help myself.
i see something different in each and every one.
a tilt of the head, a look in her eyes, the way her hair curls, and i just didn't want to forget a second of these moments.

she set this whole thing up and was very intentional about her details.
the strawberries that were in the middle, who got which cup and holding our fingers just so.
"look mommy...this is the way you do it...just like this"

"i'm gonna pretend to sleep mommy and you wake me up and say surprise, it's your birthday"

this one is a bit odd i know but for some reason i love it.
and then of course we had to get silly.

i hope she looks back at these photos some day and knows just how crazy much i love her.

and then i turn around and she's wearing my glasses.:)
the end.
have a happy day,


  1. Smiling here, dear friend...and gettin teary eyed too! Just love it... that's all.
    Happy Thursday, friend...

  2. So sweet. Love that sweet little Aubrey! I know what you mean, sometimes I want to get the chores done, but I know they can wait, always. Love all of the pictures. You can never have too many pictures, in my opinion. :)

  3. So cute. Juliana has been wanting to have a tea party for days now and I keep saying no. Now I need to have one with her soon.

  4. Oh she adores you... those photos of you and her together... look at her... she so adores you! I love all of these! I know what you mean when they call you to play... I've had many of those moments myself too. Bet you're glad you stopped!!!

    I just took a bunch of tea party photos of Abigail yesterday afternoon. It was just a set up really; we weren't playing but I'm making her birthday invitations... Oh can't you and Aubrey just jump on a plane and come to her tea party birthday... I know Aubrey would just love it! :)

    Sweet post friend! ~tara

  5. What sweet pictures of Aubrey (&you!). So glad you stopped what you were doing to have a tea party. We all can relate to sometimes not wanting to entertain/play so we can get to things on our list.

  6. These photos made me smile. Beautiful!