{Insta Friday :: week 17}

::happy friday friends::
the day was good the week was good.
it's all good.
we have a free day tomorrow with zero plans. maybe a little spring clothes shopping with the big girls. maybe a home project or two. maybe the windows might get cleaned. i'm sure there will be lots of bubbles, bikes and sidewalk chalk too. soccer games on sunday and then pizza dinner out. i know...crazy that we are going out for pizza but our game is about an hour away, so arriving home late on a sunday with dinner already out of the way is a good thing.  
::here's a peek at our week::

look at the skies we had this week.
thank you
thank you
thank you
guess i'm not the only one getting up there in age.:)
we got our van before riley was born.
pretty confident of us don't ya think?
she's been good to us and brought three babies home from the hospital.
keep on keepin on girl!!
how does this happen?
how do you wake up like this and have no recollection of it?
what in the world was she doing in that crib?:)
but just look at that smile!
reading at breakfast.
oh that never happens!!:)
these trees are blooming every where.
i love it.
a field trip to the planetarium made this sweetie quite happy.
oh...and she just finished book two of harry potter.:)
i love this time of year at target.
we stocked up on bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
and it was the perfect day to get outside and try them out.
look what i made and hung in the kitchen eat in area.
i was inspired by this that i saw here.
an after dinner bike ride up to the park with friends while dave and riley were at soccer.
hip, hip hooray
the weekend's here!
hope your week was a wonderful one,


  1. Love it all , Cindy...have a nice weekend!

  2. Procrastinating on my school work by reading your blog ...beautiful pictures, especially the blossoms and skies! And I love that Janey is reading Harry Potter; those books are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. hi bee...oh no, i'm contributing to procrastination!!:)
      thanks for your sweet comments.
      hope you got some work done this weekend!:)
      have a happy day

  3. I love seeing spring somewhere else, since it is way over here. Hoping to avoid 100 this weekend.

  4. Love it! We had our van 10 years, and just recently let it go for a new one. Hope you have a good weekend with lots of good Dave cooking:))

  5. You capture the beauty in everything, I just love your blog so much Cindy. It is such a happy place to come xoxo