hi there
today is kinda narly.
yep...you guessed it...yuck-o weather got me singin the blues.
it's been like this all week and i'm over it.:)
kinda feeling out of whack from yesterday's all day field trip too.
ready for the weekend that's for sure.

speakin of the weekend...never got those curtains hemmed and hung last weekend.
but i kinda figured that might happen.
a big project that requires laying things out and measuring and cutting and dave on a ladder...ugh.
but we did see this and loved it!!

seen it yet?
it's definitely a daddy movie like lion king so make sure you bring dad along too.:)

took janey out for lunch today and she told me all about the connections she made between the titanic book she was reading and harry potter...she is getting a bit harry crazy now. half way through book two. oh how i love it when they are lost in a really good book. she has been looking at harry potter world at universal...anyone been yet? looks really cool!

aubrey and i have been playing school all day.
i get to be the teacher and the mommy.
i kiss her goodbye then tell her to sit down for circle time!:)

but kind of neat cause i get to tell her what to do as the teacher and she does it...
"ok aubrey it's reading time now...go pick some books and a friend to read to."


she packed her own lunchbox and had a snack when reading time was over.

right now she is up in her bed for rest time
this could be good right?:)

ok, so i am hearing things about blogger taking away the followers element.
anyone else hear that too?
my followers were suddenly gone this morning, but i still see them on some of your blogs.
are you doing anything differently now?
i really have no clue!

ok, enough from me.
hope the sun is shining where you are and just in case it isn't here's a song for ya.
i've listened to it a bunch today already!!:)

have a happy sunshiny day,

oh and PS...anyone see gray around my posts or is it still all white??
i se gray but not sure if you do...it's driving me craaaazy and i can't get rid of it??:)


  1. No gray here...and what is this about Blogger taking away Followers? I haven't heard that yet...Hmmmm How do we "follow " blogs then? Confused!!!

  2. I still have the followers on the side of my blog. I have been hearing if you follow blogs one way that may change. I have all my favorite blogs saved and I just follow them that was as well.

  3. the girls are dying to see the Croods, just because of that part about the shoes...when the girl screams...we've seen the commercial a few thousand times:)

    Google reader is going away, so if you follow blogs that way, you will have to do something else like blog lovin.

    your followers should be there, but I can't help you find them:)

  4. I have that song on an island cd Eric made me for xmas...probably listened to it 300 times to help me get through this cold winter! I love it.
    It'a always the younger siblings that cannot wait to go to school...Aubrey is so cute.
    Cannot help you on the blog thing...as you can see mine has been messed up for some time now...and I can't figure it out. I had also heard about the follower thing being removed.
    Happy Friday Cindy!

  5. Hey there Cindy, I've been feeling the same exact way you are lately. I think it's cuz (can I say this here?) I've been getting my period every 10 days or so... that's not normal is it? Or maybe its the gloomy weather. Or maybe it's been in all week with sick Abigail. Not sure but it might even be a combination of all three.

    I love your playing school and that she goes off to read and rest... keep that game going for sure! She's just as cute as can be!

    And Janey? Wowza... what a reader. When I read that she's lost in a book I sure wish I could get back to reading more. I've got to rearrange so that I can. I look at Anna sometimes and long to have that far away look on my face too. That's it... I'm stopping by the library this weekend and filling up my night stand with some choices!

    Love the song too... I always love your songs.

    Oh, and I've got a big curtain project here too. It's still just in the dreaming stages. But it's spring break here so ya never know, right?!

    Have a happy weekend, tara

  6. Croods are on our list to see! I hadn't heard that about the followers feature. So far I still have mine. I did hear they were taking google reader away completely.
    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  7. Hi Cindy,
    I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now, so instead of just creeping, I thought I'd say hi! I'm a very busy graduate student (English) from Florida, and I don't even remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I really enjoy reading it. I hope to have a kid(s) within the next five years (after I'm done) and your blog always makes me very excited about motherhood, even though it still feels far away. All the best to you and your family!

  8. hi bee,
    thanks for popping in and saying hi!:)
    so nice to hear from you:)
    i'm from fl so just hearing about it makes me think of home.
    enjoy your sunshine today and please come back again!:)
    have a happy day,

    do you have a blog??:)

  9. Hi Cindy,

    I didn't know, how nice! Florida sure is a great place to live, very sunny most of the time (although as I am writing this, it is pouring outside...).

    Unfortunately, I don't have a blog, but if I ever get one you'll be the first to know.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond, and all best!

  10. I'm still confused on the blogger/google reader thing. I need to figure it out before I lose my favorite blogs. ugh. I am still seeing all white here, no grey. :)
    We loved The Croods. We saw it in 3D and it was just so cute. I loved the granny! Hope the weekend brought you rest, and many happy moments.