{Insta Friday :: week 15}

::happy friday a wee bit late::
i promise in my non-blogging life i am never late!!:)
a perfect pair
cause we never have to share!!:) haha

aubrey loved helping me hand wash

 buddies at panera
buddies at the castle

 i have two of these beautiful baskets of sunshine in our house right now.
they make me so very happy...here's hoping they survive.
 blt's for lunch
without the t of course.
 a self-portrait from the squishy but fun field trip to springfield.
looks like laura's come to dinner.
we surprised janey with a prairie hat from the museum.
she wore it all night.

more evidence that spring my be here.
shoes and socks laying everywhere.

little missy makes her lunch.
hope your week was a happy one,


  1. Good morning, fellow early riser!Always love your daily pics...Have a wonderful MOnday, friend!

  2. What? No tomato on your sandwich? :) I love BLTs.
    Sweet pictures Cindy!
    Enjoy your week.

  3. Sweet pictures. Have a good Monday Cindy!

  4. Love the happy weekly pics friend! Love that you captured playing with daddy!