{Weekend Glimpses}

we had a great weekend.
our weather was rather wacky...we went from freezing our pants off huddled together at the soccer game saturday morning to wearing shorts and riding bikes sunday afternoon. but that's our spring time weather in a nutshell i guess.

riley's team won their game...2-0.
wish i had least gotten one pic of my mighty little defender but my main goal that morning was making sure two spectators stayed fully covered by blankets. that's no easy task mind you since they were sharing the blankets and one kept pulling this way and one kept pulling that way...you get the picture.:) but it was a good game and i was proud of her.
we spent a lot of our time this weekend knee deep in harry potter.
janey's last book report is due this week and she wants to go out with a bang.
she envisions this full court quidittich field with flying brooms...oh my!:)
she works hard and has big dreams...perfect combination in my book.

we had some old friends over for a play date sunday.
we love getting together with these guys.
we are in different school districts and life just plain gets in the way, but the kids always seem to pick up right where they left off.
those are the best kind of friends aren't they?
all these pics are pre-aubrey...but look how little!!!:)

still no curtains hemmed and  hanging...maybe this summer??

goals this week:
pick up my real camera...and take a real picture!:)
get the 300+ photos stashed in the cabinet into the photo albums stashed in the dining room
that's it...

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,


  1. Love your old photos, Cindy..Friends like those are the very best kind...picking up right where you left off! : ) have a nice evening, friend!

  2. And that's a huge goal... you can do it! :)